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    My stomach

    My stomach
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    202 day of surgery 182 August 5th, 2020
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    JenCoBu's Odyssey

    From a 'Butter-pillar' to a 'Catter-fly'! LOL! Under Reconstruction and Improved Management. The weight of my flesh has been a burden for 42 years since the age of 5 and half when my parents & I were transferred from Germany (U.S. Army Brat) to Ft. Lewis, WA the Summer of '75. That's when my pituitary glands jumped the track. Oh I was born 6lbs. 7oz, but in 1976 (by this time we were stationed in Maryland) because my mom was befuddled as to why her little Jenny was busting out all over; esp. in the chest area as well as gaining wt. So at age 6 I was diagnosed by a Captain that was a pediatrician that saw cases like mine overseas. I had PRECOCIOUS PUBERTY. Couldn't stop my inherited DNA either. So you couldn't stop this runaway freight train and the only casualty in this wreck was me. I was a physically active girl, ate about the same as any other kid & later adolescent. But my body wasn't breaking down anything. Frustrated from that along with being bullied and beaten up almost ritualistically, and humiliated by family members, I was suicidal by age 9. Only 2 dear elem. school friends kept me sane... and alive; but they never knew that. Well into teendom, young adulthood, womanhood, i was bulimic, I worked out, I starved. You name it. Desperation makes you do/ try anything. The only thing shrinking was my bank account. Long story short, it wasn't until I was 45 & practically destitute, sickly and agoraphobic after ballooning up even moreso in weight and suffering 2 very bad falls, I qualified for Medicaid/ Care Source Ins. and my first case worked pleaded with Visiting Physicians Assn. to accept me in their care, esp. since I can't drive (no license but have had a Passport since I was 10mos. old). My 1st PCP had mobile x-ray techs, and other specialist come to my apt. In the end I finally learned I not only had HYPOthyroidism, but that it was UNDER developed. My vindication & Redemption. I cried because I knew it had to be something that contributed to the maddening weight gain, the yo-yo'ing. I was never an over eater. So all of my earlier, healthy, traditional weight loss methods for decades failed because of this culprit. Add insult to injury I became type 2 diabetic at 44/45 too. I refused insulin. Telling them I'll do my damnedest to lose what I can and reduce my blood sugar through altering my food consumption & with exercise from a phys. therapist that came to my flat. I was too hvy for my frame to exercise properly, walking was chore, especially with bone loss to boot. And I was, and still am, self conscious being seen by people. Having lived in NYC you'd think I could handle masses of people. But I can't. But I'm learning. Slow & steady. With all my efforts and my necessary "surgical intervention", and those doctors, therapists, nurses & personal assistants and my BFF, I can LIVE & live better and healthier, not merely exist. Also, I no longer have type 2 diabetes, but I still test because I'm 'prone' to it. Better safe than sorry. People don't live long in, what remains of, my family. So I have to live. My nieces/ great and great-great nieces look up to & stay in touch with me always. I need to do right by my standards, give them someone to look up to, and do special things to honor my late husband whom i lost 16 yrs ago in 2003, but I couldn't at that time. I currently started at Planet Fitness & go super early to avoid crowds and will restart my aqua therapy late fall of 2019. Desperately trying to lose more & more weight so I can 1. get a receptionist job outside my apartment to earn a real paycheck and 2, have skin removal surgery w/ breast reduction & lift. Then COOL SCULPTING much later after that. Btw, the gent in the tux w/ me in pink (2010) is an ex bf, NOT my wonderful late husband, Michael. He's the one standing next to me in the dark blue denim 2 pc dress on my niece's deck outside in 2002 immediately after breakky [as you can see by his tummy. It was gone by 1pm that day]. He was the sweetest English muffin I ever met LOL! (he was a Londoner, a published author and my former boss ). And my greatest supporter of my aspirations. So that being said, enjoy my pics. Toodles!
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    It's been almost seven years since surgery. Here are some maintenance photos.
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    Before & After

    Day of surgery
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    Start of adventure

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