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    Yoga for seniors

    If you ever get the opportunity to do yoga with baby goats, do not pass it up. You will get very little actual yoga out of it, but you will get to spend time with baby goats romping around in diapers! I really can't imagine a better way to spend an hour.
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    Yoga for seniors

    That proves you don't have to go to a fancy ( and expensive ! ) gym to get results ! I like the idea of doing stretches and exercises in short bursts instead of one session. I'm actually getting excited about exercising now I think my vaccuum is going to be my first workout partner today ..... gotta start off slow,ya know .....
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    I will be having gastric bypass done at the end of this month, but when I was trying to decide between sleeve or bypass, one of the resources I used was this risk calculator. In addition to risks, it lets you select your own co-morbidities such as sleep apnea, hypertension, or diabetes to see how likely it is that they will resolve based on which procedure you choose, and shows you a BMI predictor chart at the 12-month mark. I found it pretty helpful. Additionally, I found this video super informative: The factors that I considered most were GERD risk and the desire to control my blood sugar and blood pressure, as well as feeling like I could benefit from the threat of dumping if I ate too much fat or sugar, my weaknesses! It definitely took me several weeks to decide as I weighed it all.
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    Yoga for seniors

    Yoga is great. Did it for years in my 40s - can’t remember which type but it was gentle & focussed on breathing & head/heart/body alignment. Kept me limber & boosted my general fitness. I enjoyed it & I really, really don’t like exercise. Just a warning. Exercise only contributes to about 10% of any weight you are to lose. So don’t expect it to benefit your weight loss greatly. It does help with many other things though like your cardiac health, muscle strength, bone density, flexibility, etc. Invest in some resistance bands too. Lots of seated stretches on You Tube you can do sitting. I do most of mine on the floor. Good for toning & muscle building. It’s not a great pxt but gives you a bit of an idea of what you can achieve. Now it’s summer here & my arms are on show I’ve been getting lots of compliments. My legs look pretty good too though my pant legs are getting firm LOL!

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