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    I never thought of my feet as fat but I have shrunk somehow and my old shoes no longer fit and had to go down a half size. Very strange.
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    "Congrats on the new job, @Dtrain84. What does it entail?" I'll be working as a Deputy Clerk. I will responsible for handling documents and files on criminal cases. I'll be occasionally working in a courtroom setting.
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    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Hello, just found out last week. Surgery date is 10/19. I'm super excited
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    Thanks!!! The 4 ran really big… but I’m still excited!!! I want to keep the size label on them (haha)
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    If you haven't already contacted your surgeon's office, you really should do that asap. The fact that you suddenly can't do something you previously could (based on my understanding of the situation) is concerning. They can tell you whether this is normal or if you need to get checked out. It is especially concerning that even water is a problem. That's scary serious to me. To be honest, the fact that your partner seems less concerned with how you are feeling and more concerned with how this is inconveniencing their life... well, that's a partner problem and doesn't suggest they are the kind of person to be there through the real thick and thin of life. You said you "don't want to lose them" but given they can't even seem to be concerned about your well being when you are in pain I'm not sure what you really would be losing should it come to that. I don't mean to make judgements on the relationship, I'm just very concerned that this person's concern is on them and their inconveniences and not on your health and well being. I hope this is just frustration on their part (not that it would excuse it if it is, but it is better than the alternative).
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    No weight loss

    Honestly - stay off the scale. The stall will pass, and they typically last 2 to 3 weeks. Mine only just broke, and fixating on the scale just feeds the frustration. What's going on with you is perfectly normal, and won't last. You'll begin losing again as soon as your body has adjusted to it's new radical changes. Leave the scale be, distract yourself, and weigh yourself again in a week's time.
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    The Greater Fool

    Dumping 😭😭😭

    That does sound like early dumping, except the throwing up part. Check with your Doc as it almost seems like a stricture. I couldn't throw up unless something is stuck and even then it's more akin to spitting up. Since we have no pyloric valve our food/drink drops straight to the intestines so after a minute there is nothing in a place where it could through up. This is why I think stricture or similar could be in play. Check your protein drink. Not all are for weight control. Some have copious amounts of sugar. Bang on your surgeon's head until he gets the message you need help. Bring the protein drink and throw up on him you have have to. Don't get discouraged you will get through this. Good luck, Tek
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    I had my Interstim (bladder pacemaker) removed yesterday. Most all of my weight was in my belly and breasts, by losing the weight my urgency is manageable. Not to mention the Interstim was becoming painful due to the weight loss when sitting down. I would do the gastric bypass again, no doubt! I should have done it earlier. ☺️
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    too much food?

    2 eggs=4 ounces
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