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    This flu has GOT TO GO!!!

    Man, I haven't been able to do any kind of working out for the last 5 days because my whole house is SICK. We're all covid negative, but we have a nasty flu and stomach bug and OMG I'm over it. Been resting a lot, taking echinacea, extra vit C, protein shakes with extra protein and greens (stomach bug keeping me from eating too many foods), lots of tea (green tea, white tea, oolong tea), and OTC cough and congestion meds. UGH. Not even remotely feeling Christmasy, just wanna get better. Praying this doesn't turn into pneumonia again (I've had it 5x, and I have lung damage because of it).
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    Killing it with per diem!

    So, this was a unexpectedly pleasant surprise! I’m on gov’t travel and am almost 2 months post surgery (17 Oct). I was worried about what food to eat and what I could handle, so when I landed I stopped at a CVS and got protein shakes. In the meantime, I’m at a hotel that offers making custom omelettes in the AM, has a fridge and a microwave in the room. So, I’ve been ordering an omelette in the AM, eating a few bites, throwing it in the fridge, and heating it up for dinner 😀😇 The conference I’m at offers fruit pieces for snacks during the day. And it’s in FL, so for lunch I’ve just ordered steamed shrimp or oysters. Super simple, and all I’ve paid for (food-wise) is lunch. I’m making a killing on my per diem! Not used to being able to spend so little to eat. I’m a cheap date now 😂🤣
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    Food Before and After Photos

    put this little plate of a pork/beef-mushroom-swiss slider (sans bun) together with some ketchup and mustard and a few fries together for "dinner", but after i took the pic decided i didn't want it anymore. so anyway, 320 cals which i may or may not eat tomorrow.
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    Kelly JoJo

    Not losing Weight

    Thank you for your words of encouragement! I appreciate it. I am going to stop weighing myself for a bit and strictly go off of how my clothes feel and I can definitely feel the loss by how big they feel.
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    Had surgery Monday and feel the same. When I burp, fart, cough, move it all hurts.
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    33 mile ultra run complete

    ahem. speak for yourself. 😂😎😂
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    Mine was pretty much ok after about 4/5 days. I was told gasEX won't help. I was told this by my team and the nurses in the hospital. Gasex is for gas trapped in your bowels, gas from surgery is trapped in your body cavity (usually the chest) My gas pain was horrid the first 2 days I couldn't even deal with it. I asked for pain meds just so they would knock me out and I wouldn't have to deal with it. lol (PS: I was given a double dose of gas because my surgery was 3 in 1 and took way longer than the average bypass)
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    August surgery buddies!

    I drink my protein with my coffee everyday. I love my cold brew so that is what I mix it with. I use the Level-1 Meal Replacement shakes from here... https://1stphorm.com/collections/protein They actually taste amazing too. And yeah, I used to drink a gallon a day, ad now I can't. I don't really like flavored water too much either, so I just do the best I can.
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    I was so relieved to get to the otherside too! I just had gastric sleeve on 11-29. Tomorrow is one week post op. Each day has gotten better. Just don't forget you have to sip. I drank too big of a drink of water today and whew did i pay for that. Felt terrible for about 30 minute after. You will do wonderful and congratulations for getting to the otherside.
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    Final pre-op appointment question

    Hey, question.. why wouldn't they automatically suck out the Co2. I read how so many have pain from it, you would think that would be routine. Am I missing something....Im going to ask my surgeon on my next appointment Sent from my SM-G935V using the BariatricPal App

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