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    An Up And Down Week

    I think I’m entering my ‘stall’ period now. Having had numerous attempts at weight loss in the past, I know my body sulks between week 3 and week 7. I’m just beginning week 5 so the timing is bang on. My weight has gone up 1.5lbs from my lowest weight this week but it happens so I will just keep on keeping on. Once my body has got over its sulk the weight should start coming off once again. A couple of NSV this week. I don’t know about anyone else but my clothing sizes can be a bit all over the place. One size of clothing can have 3 meanings for me, depending on what it’s made of. So, for example, there’s the ‘I’m kidding myself’ sizing - plenty of give, elasticated, stretchy material. It may say 22 but I know it’s really a 24+. There’s then the ‘huh, it’s not too bad’ sizing - some give, not that stretchy, a definitely generous 22, and then there’s the ‘unforgiving’ sizing - no give, no stretch, no elasticated waist etc, a definite 22. For long enough I’ve been at the ‘I’m kidding myself’ stage but I went shopping in my wardrobe and found a couple of tops with no give, a definite 22. Tried both on - they fit!! And they didn’t look like sausage skin!! Very happy dance around the bedroom! I also went out of my comfort zone at the weekend and bought myself a size 22 no-stretch denim maxi skirt. I can fasten it, just, but don’t rate my chances of sitting down and/or breathing in it 😮‍💨 However, I’m keeping it as I know I will fit in to it comfortably at some point. We’re off to London for a few nights in 3 weeks or so, so fingers crossed it may fit a little better by then 🤞🤞 Meds have finally been sorted and delivered, had my Oximetry test last week so hopefully that’s gone well. No Bariatric appointments this week but I have my endoscopy next week plus knee X-rays for my arthritis. Food wise things are going OK. My new favourite thing is Lindhals Stracciatella Kvarg protein yoghurt - oh, I could eat barrels of the stuff! I’ve also tried the Warburtons Protein Power bread as a change to the whole meal. It’s definitely nice as a change but doesn’t want to make me eat lots and lots of it, which is a definite plus! Hope everyone has a great week… Onwards and Downwards!
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    TW: mental health issues, suicide, infertility I've gotten those comments already (only 3 months in, and nowhere near my goal weight), and in the past during other diet-based weight loss. I used to try to convince myself that these people mean well, that they're trying to show they care, or trying to give backhanded compliments. 2024 me? Nah. They're being petty, they're being bullies, they're jealous, they feel like your success highlights any issues they fault with their own body, etc. The only time I successfully lost weight 'on my own' through diet and exercise, I ended up gaining it all back and more -- and while I logically know it was my own choices that led to it, there was also my 'best friend' telling me that I looked like I was dying, that I looked like a cancer patient, etc, and then inviting me over and peer pressuring me into the most unhealthy foods. I was young and I had always been easily intimated / manipulated by her; I had always had **** self esteem and found my own value only through what others said they valued of me, etc. I know I was in a bad mental place to begin with. But it was absolutely brutal. But nobody, nobody, should be saying these kinds of things to another. Whether you're close to each other or barely know each other. Whether they're 'teasing' or not. It would be absolutely awesome if the world / society could normalize not making un-asked for comments about other people's looks. How about we apply 'consent' when it comes to these sorts of conversations? FFS. I'm sure I'm not the only one whom has had comments made while they were overweight. People, strangers, asking if you're pregnant, if you're female presenting. ((Afterwards, I always wished I could go back in time and cause a scene -- cause no, asshat, I'm actually unable to have children and it ruined several relationships and led to depression and suicidal ideation. But thanks for giving me that extra scoop of pasta sauce since it looks like I'm "eating for two.")) So many people have body issues, weight related or otherwise. Body dysmorphia. Mental health issues. Triggers. And what right does any person have to comment on someone else's appearance? If someone wants to go to the grocery store in their pjs, what's it to you? If someone got a new hair cut and you really don't like it, stfu. If someone lost over half their body weight, why do you feel entitled to question them about it or tell them you liked them better with a little more meat on their bones? (Not... you. You know. Societal 'You'.) There's a big difference between saying "Wow, you're looking good today" or "Is that a new shirt? It looks great on you" and letting the compliment receiver decide if they want to open the conversation up from there, and saying things like "Oh god, you're losing so much you're gonna disappear" or "ugh, you're losing so much weight, enough already." ... anyway. I'll end my venting-vomit with: I'm trying so hard these days to have the confidence in setting my own boundaries and actually enforcing them. I'm starting to figure out lines I can say when people cross them. I'm trying not to let my inner rage at a world full of entitled bullies make me someone who bullies back, but yeah, maybe next time someone seems fit to complain about my looks I'll find something they probably don't want to talk about either. If I'm fair game, so are they. Eat some karma. 😈
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    Is revision worth it?

    Haven’t had a revision @FifiLux, but I think if I was in your situation, I‘d ask for a second opinion or tell your surgeon you‘re not ready/interested now but will keep it in mind as a possible option in the future. Considering your GERD is so mild & manageable, there doesn’t seem to be a medical reason for the revision. If you are happy with your weight loss (& you should be - congratulations) what is the need for a revision for additional weight loss? At ten months, you have plenty of time to lose any additional weight you may want to lose (many of us continue to lose for a total of 1-2 years). The cynical side of me wonders if your surgeon wants to buy a new house, go on an overseas holiday, etc. Said cynical. 😁
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    An Up And Down Week

    Stalls are literally the worst 😂 I am trying to keep that same mindset - once my body has recalibrated, it'll go back to losing, but the devil side of my brain is telling me: "weigh yourself after a bowel movement" 😂 Send help 💀
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    Is revision worth it?

    I had a revision from sleeve to bypass (hence my name on here lol) because I developed such severe gerd that I was taking the highest possible dose of PPI in the morning and at night. I developed gastritis, esophagitis, and so many polyps because of the high doses of PPI over an extended time that I needed 4 endoscopies to remove them. The surgery to the bypass was so much easier in terms of recovery. Like night and day. I wish I had just done the bypass to begin with. I was losing weight really well with the sleeve, but I ended up not being able to work out anymore, couldn't eat well at all (or normally), had to be so so careful what I drank, couldn't sleep, it was all just a big mess. I don't, for one minute, regret my revision. Not one negative thing about it at all. I would absolutely do it again. Had I decided not to do it, my quality of life would be in the toilet (already was, really). High levels of PPI over a long period of time can really cause problems, so if that's what you need in order to not have the gerd affect your daily life, that will likely backfire on you at some point. Personally, I say seriously consider the revision.
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    One year anniversary!

    Hoping your next year is filled good news and events ❤️
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    ahhh yes "Follow your Arrow" I like Kasey Musgraves! I actually had ppl elude to the fact that I was on drugs because I was losing weight so quickly LOL I shut down that quick!
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    A Happier Week

    I'm an American but I order Yorkshire Tea Decaf from Amazon because it is the absolute best! I'm normally a Yorkshire Gold girl, but I have followed the no caffeine rule since my pre-op diet. But I'm dragging in the mornings and going to switch back to regular tea as soon as my last box of decaf is done. I have no issues with hydration at this point, but being tired in the mornings makes me crave sugar, so I think caffeine is the lesser of two evils.
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    Is revision worth it?

    My mind was set to telling him thanks but no thanks but wanted to find out a bit more from everyone here first as aside from the possibility of no more PPI and reflux I don't see any necessary benefit, considering how severe my complications were from the original surgery, when I seem to be doing ok now. I am thinking of asking if I can come off my daily PPI to see if it has any impact. I haven't had any bad episodes since they fixed the stomach leak but I think he just wants to keep me on the meds and do the bypass to put his own mind at rest.
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    not exactly the same thing, but in the same vein (sort of), which got me thinking just now... The Kid also has a 10 year passport that she got when she was 16 yrs old. which means she'll have the same picture until she is 26. I'm pretty sure she's going to look totally different by then, i mean, she already looks different now. i wonder if maybe official documents with photo identifications really SHOULDN'T have such lengthy validities. or maybe we should start using retinal scans, ha!

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