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    Men are so frustrating!!!!

    I know, right! Oh wait... Checks profile, hmm, maybe I'll stay out of this one... 🤣 Seriously though, sorry you're dealing with this. We're not all bad, I promise!
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    I am one of these people, unfortunately...I'm incredibly short and the weight loss has revealed I have a fairly small frame in addition, so my maintenance calories will likely be somewhere between 1200-1300...I have 4 pounds to go to my goal weight, though, so my weight loss has slowed considerably.
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    Under Boob rash

    Anybody else suffering from this? Help I don't know what to do I keep putting hydrocortisone but it's not really helping and it's been triple digits in Fresno, Ca for a month now. Besides that I'm good Ive lost 55 lbs so far.
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    Is it loose skin or fat?

    Does it matter? The truth is, it's likely both. Fat doesn't float around in our bodies (if it did, it would all eventually end up in our feet!), instead, it's attached to other things. As the largest organ in our bodies, skin is a great attachment point for fat, especially in the belly region. Here are two other hard truths: One, a certain amount of body fat is healthy. In fact, without essential levels of fat, you would likely die when certain cellular functions stopped. Two, contrary to what some people think, it's impossible to target fat loss in specific areas. Where you store body fat is mostly genetic. My point in all that is to explain that you really don't have much control over whether or not that "saggy tummy" is fat and skin, or just skin. If you're otherwise healthy and happy with your both composition, you can think about plastic surgery to address the issue.
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    Frustrated with hair

    Yep, this sounds to me like a vitamin deficiency, most likely biotin. In other words, this is most likely related to what you're eating, not how you style or treat your hair.
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    How painful is gastric sleeve post-op?

    Yes. And the fruit ones tastes so good and they are tiny tiny.
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    unfortunately, there are women who can only eat 1300 kcal a day in order to maintain. I know women who have to eat even fewer than that to maintain (1000-1200-ish) - and others who can eat 2000 (lucky bums!!!). It's such an individual thing. and yes -- it's possible that your body has settled in at its new setpoint. You can always go lower by cutting more calories, but that's up to you. I kind of gave up the ghost. Trying to take off more and maintaining at that lower weight was a struggle that I decided wasn't worth my effort anymore (even though I struggled with that for a couple of years and would still have days I'd like to be lower!!) on the other hand, it's also possible that your body might NOT be at its set point. I do know the last 20 lbs or so was a real bear for me to take off. We're talking like two pounds a month. But I eventually got there...
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    I just was sleeved on 8/16. I have been over 300 pounds for YEARS… but as long as I was able to do what I wanted and needed to - I didn’t see the need. Last year I hit my heaviest weight ever at 382… and I was like NOPE this isn’t happening. I worked my butt off to loose weight and had a good start. Then I got sick and we found out my liver was enlarged (like 3x the size it should be) and my fatty liver was progressing to NASH and my liver function tests were concerning my drs. Finally I was ready to consider surgery. I lost about 55 pounds from my heaviest leading up to my pre surgery diet (over about 9 months). I had a few set backs with having covid during that time. My endocrinologist was pleased with my liver reduction (through palpitations) and knowing I was scared about surgery told me if I kept making progress I could hold off on surgery if I wanted. But I was to worried that there would always be another “set back” and my liver wasn’t anything I wanted to mess with. I lost another 12 pounds on my pre op diet. I asked my surgeon how my liver looked after surgery (there was a chance I was also going to end up with a liver biopsy in addition to a hernia repair) and she told me my liver looked fantastic and to keep doing what I was doing - no need for the biopsy. There’s no guarantees that weight loss would reverse my liver condition, but I was told if I did nothing it certainly would continue to deteriorate. I’m not quite a week out. I’m sore - occasional movements hurt, at times a bit nauseous (not horrible) and I’m sick of the liquid diet … but I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. I have confirmation I’m on the right track and that means the world to me. I’m not looking to be a particular size or weight, I’m working towards being healthy and that includes my liver, joints and over all well being. My husband was supportive right from the beginning to do whatever I wanted to do. At times I wavered because I was scared - but he was my rock and honestly I think not doing something scared him more that the surgery (he was scared too). He sat in my drs appointment when the dr explained what the progression of my liver from NAFLD to NASH meant and what to expect if I didn’t make some real changes. My only advice is find a bariatric program you are comfortable with. It took me to tries. Have your husband come along if he’s able and if not take someone you trust to be objective and SUPPORTIVE. Having that support helps. Also if you have a therapist talk to them about it - your concerns, fears, hopes for the outcome. And if you don’t have one, consider finding someone who deals with bariatric health. I see mine every two weeks and we always touch on where I’m at in the process - it’s helped. No one can tell you what the right decision is for you, but I do hope you have support whatever you choose to do. Best of luck and please update how you are doing no matter what you decide.
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    August 24!

    I learned my lesson- my program told me to take before pictures and measurements prior to sleeve surgery and I didn’t. But this time I will, so I’ll be able to see if I lost inches from this. Well, I’ll take the measurements, as I was filling out my preop paperwork I realized the center uploaded my pics into the system. 😱. I spent most of the weekend being like do I really look like that? Holy heck. I’m used to seeing myself from better angles in kinder lighting. 😓
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    Telling others

    I didn’t tell everyone beforehand but as people ask me now how I lost weight I don’t want to lie and say I did it on my own because I feel like that may make them feel like something is wrong with them when they can’t do it. But that’s just me. It is true that the reason we lose is because of how little and what we eat post op and whatever exercise we do so I guess it’s not really lying to just leave out that we are able to stick to it because of the surgery.

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