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    Phobias since surgery

    I appreciate all your comments, definitely helps. I was having a moment last night. I've had two surgeries in the past, fibroid removal and a c section. I just feel this is more intense. I feel okay though. It's true I have so much more to think about. Drinking medications and vitamins, this is a whole new world for me lol Sent from my SM-A326U1 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Therapy is a good thing!

    Hello, I'm 6 days post-op from the sleeve and outside of terrible pain from my big incision. Normal, from what I've read. Anyway, I'm sure that I'm not the only one who has watched people in our lives go through the dark side of WLS with unfortunate life changing experiences like transfer addiction. Seeing this happen to someone close to me really discouraged me for a long time from taking the leap. I finally got past that and while I don't regret doing it, I'm determined to not fall into that pattern. My first goal is to find a good therapist that has experience with bariatric patients. If anyone has recommendations or advice, I'd love to use this spot as a safe and productive place to discuss. Take care all! Sent from my SM-S908U1 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Phobias since surgery

    Gastric leaks are almost always discovered before you even leave the hospital. So you can put that fear aside.
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    Phobias since surgery

    Just rest, sleep and heal. Forget everything else, you have enough to think about with vitamins, supplements and drinking your quota.
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    How painful is gastric sleeve post-op?

    Thanks, guys. I’ve had a recommendation of peppermint tea from another forum user & thought I would share that with you all. Sounds like the pain is there but manageable with meds so I’m feeling less anxious about the surgery date approaching.
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    That darn number is a crazy thing. It gets in your head and kind of takes over your brain. I still worry every single day that it will start creeping up regardless of what I put in my mouth. I have retrained my brain when it comes to eating and my relationship with food BUT the mirror and scale are the devils
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    October 2022 surgery support

    it is so difficult!!! i have only got fast food once in the past month! huge achievement and change for me … you can do it too!!! packets of tuna and cut up cheese along with apples and peanut butter were my staples that kept me from getting those 1000++ calorie fast food meals
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    Hi! I am a nurse, in the hospital I work I did care for surgical Sleeve and RNY patients. I would say the most common description of the pain I have been told is “gas pain” which is alleviated by walking and with pain medicine. Of all the surgical patients I’ve cared for I’ve found Bariatric patients to be the most motivated to move after surgery and the pain is uncomfortable but not intolerable (I’ve not had a bariatric patient in tears from their pain if that helps you feel less anxious!). I used to be one of those people who saw bariatric surgery as “the easy way” until I cared for bariatric patients. Then I learned it is so much more than a surgery and it leads to life changes that improve quality of life.
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    Pain meds made everything totally fine!
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    It might be helpful to remember what a true keto diet is vs. what diet culture makes it out to be. A TRUE keto diet simply means eating few enough carbohydrates that your body enters ketosis where it is no longer using glucose as its primary fuel source. It is NOT inherently a high fat, meat only diet. That is what diet culture has turned it into. There are lots of vegetarians who follow a healthy, whole foods based ketogenic diet. Additionally, the amount of carbs that allow ketosis will vary WIDELY from person to person so unless you are testing regularly, you won't really even know if you are truly in ketosis or not. Now, that being said, most surgeons will say that WLS patients eat a keto diet simply because your primary focus will be protein and your intake will be so low that by virtue of the volume and type of foods you'll be eating you'll be in ketosis. Immediately post-op, you won't be able to eat enough beans (or anything else for that matter) to get in your full protein requirement, let alone extra grains & veggies on top. That is not, however, a requirement (generally speaking) nor is it permanent. Over time, as you're able to eat more food and a wider variety, you'll very likely see your carbohydrate intake increase. I would say, it may be helpful to revisit the conversation with the surgeon and/or dietitian to ensure they understand your needs as a vegetarian and that they are able to support you and tailor the post-op diet to your needs. If they can't or won't then it may be helpful to consult with another surgeon. Ultimately, being HEALTHY post-op is the primary concern and that requires eating a metric crap ton of protein. Can you do that as a vegetarian? Absolutely! But it will require extra support and possibly some creativity and flexibility on your part. Best of luck to you!

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