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    Kinda annoyed and confused

    Ok, so I thought I was eating soooo much each meal because I can eat about 2 tbsp each time (maybe 2 1/2 depending on what it is). So I decided to look it up. How many ounces are in 1 tbsp. It's 1/2 an ounce, ya'll LOL I'm seeing people eating like 2-4 ounces each time they eat and I thought I was doing horrible because of 2 tbsp each time I eat. Now, I'm also on kind of a combination of mushy/chunky mushy food right now, so definitely not solids yet. But somehow I still had it in my head I was eating way too much. And I called my surgeon's office and they said I'm to eat every 3 hours 5x a day UNTIL I hit solids at 6 weeks. Then I go to 3 meals a day and a very small snack or 2 IF needed. So that explains why I need to eat every 3 hours right now.
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    Blah...my first stall...

    Yup. I got into my first stall at week 2. It sucked. It lasted about 2 weeks. But since then i have lost 6lb since my last weigh last week. So i am out of the stall. Just ride it out and soon enough it will pass
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    These pictures were all of my expressions after surgery. My stomach looks like i went a few rounds with a boxer and obviously lost. My husband wants to get paint samples to match the blue-purple bruises for our bedroom since we’re looking for a darker color 🤣
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    Tony B - NJ

    Over The Shaming

    All this stuff is true. I would however like to give a male point of view. Men who are obese are not "given a pass" as some like to say. I too thought it was more accepted until I lost 100 pounds and it is amazing how differently people treat me since I am now skinny. I am asked if I need help more quickly in department stores, I am addressed more quickly in car dealerships or whatever environment I show up to. I am treated more politely at the doctor/dentist office and the list goes on. The weight discrimination is there for men too.
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    Did I overdo it at the gym?

    if you damaged something or tore something you would know and be in pain. Me personally i wouldnt be doing heavy lifting for a couple months. As for everything else its great. I am 4-5 weeks out and i am going out for walks, using a stationary bicycle and waiting on my actual mountain bike to come back from the shop so i can start using it. I tried jogging yesterday but that did not work out too well with all my fat still bouncing around it was a little painful so i need to loose more fat before i start jogging or wear like a compression thing around my stomach
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    May Surgery Buddies

    May 19th Sent from my SM-G996U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    So impatient!!!

    I was... but I went too fast and managed to pull one of my incisions which kept me out a bit longer. So even though you're champing at the bit, go slow. And once you're cleared, don't go crazy. It will take time to build back up.
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    I've officially surpassed 80lbs of weight loss! Working on that 100lbs!
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    Alcohol 3 weeks post sleeve op.

    I’m down with that but wouldn’t that be empty calories too? I say hit the pen. Just my opinion 😂
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    Alcohol 3 weeks post sleeve op.

    Rude comments are unnecessary. She asked a question in a forum made for ASKING QUESTIONS. If you don’t have anything helpful to contribute to the post then move along. I personally don’t see the issue with having a drink. I would suggest starting with 1 drink and seeing how you feel. Remember to sip slowly as it will hit a lot harder than what you are used to and worse case scenario if you do dump you’ll be able to feel it coming sooner if you’re sipping versus drinking faster. I hope you enjoy the wedding and spending time with your friends! ❤️

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