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    I got my surgery date for the sleeve for December 22, 2021 in Sebastian, Florida. Let's get through the pre stuff together.
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    A couple of thoughts pop into my head. One is you may actually be at your set weight. Was your goal realistic? Do you feel healthy and happy at the weight you're at? The second thought is that you said you follow what your nutritionist recommended on "most" days. While we can't be perfect, what are you doing on the other days? Sometimes, believe it or not, we are getting too FEW calories that is keeping us from losing weight. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but it happens. Is your weight lifting adding muscle weight so that even though you're losing inches and re-shaping, the scale isn't reflecting it? Keep in mind that the scale is only one measurement tool. Have you been tracking your inches lost and shape? By the way, you look GREAT! Good luck with your continued WLS journey.
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    Hi Everyone, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am 21 days post op and on day 5 of my puree diet. I'm having a hard time knowing if/when I'm full. It's relatively easy to tell when on the liquid stage, but seems to be a challenge with puree'd foods. The last thing I want to do is over eat, so I'm sticking to the 1-1.5 oz's as recommended but at times I feel like I can definitely fit much more. Anyone else having or experienced this issue?
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    No weight loss

    Yes, yes I did. Stupid typos! Thanks. 64 oz of water.
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    The fear is theirs to deal with, not yours. However, people with huge fear issues can be very hard to live with. My husband also yelled lots about how I was taking the easy way out, etc. etc. all of my kids had to do a couple of conference calls with him to calm him down, express their support for my decision, etc. I’ve since lost 85 lbs, am off cholesterol meds, no more insulin nor high blood pressure meds. I feel so much better. Let their fears be their issues and not yours. We have enough of our own problems to deal with!
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    i'm pre-op, for the second time

    From what I gather, for most insurance companies, it just needs to be complications from the first surgery. I'm not even in the obese category. Sent from my Z6201V using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Eat till full or?

    First, liquids (& purées) go through you quickly so you likely won’t feel full until you’re eating real food (soft). And yes, nerves were cut during surgery so you won’t have the same sensations until you’re healed. It’s why it’s important to keep to portion recommendations during the early stages. Two tablespoons of cottage cheese would be ok. I was advised 1/4-1/3 cup for the purée & soft food stages. One of the most important things I’ve learnt is not to eat until I’m full but until I’ve had enough or what I need. Don’t be reluctant to put your cutlery down & sit back from the table. Ask yourself do I need this next bite or do I just want it. There’s a big difference. Remember also it takes time the full feeling to register & by the time you feel it you’ve often had more than you actually need. So eat slowly. You may also discover that your full feeling changes & you have to learn your new signals. Some people sneeze, some their nose runs. Sounds weird but that’s part of the fun of weight loss surgery. You will know when you’ve had the one bite too many. Your restriction will kick in (tightness across your chest - I want to thump my chest when it happens) or at worse the foamies (thick saliva, feeling like something is stuck & then regurgitation - not vomiting as such more a bubbling up of what you ate last). All the best.
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    I am pain free and have been since day 3. On the purée stage. Am walking 3 miles 5 times a week. Can’t wait to eat real food. I have never been hungry since I Started on shakes on Dec 8 th.
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    Had my surgery on Dec 22
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    January 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Oh no! I’m so sorry you have to wait longer. Hopefully your surgeon will feel better soon and you will be rescheduled even sooner 😊 Are you doing a preop liquid diet?

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