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    I meant to post back in March but been busy with life. I hope all of you are doing well and staying safe. For those who got sick with the virus or lost loved ones, I offer my deepest thoughts and sympathies. I was part of the group who got the by-pass done just before everything went on lockdown last year. It's been quite the journey. I've been fortunate to have been able to work from home all of this time, although I do expect to return to the office sometime later this year. To date, I have lost 92 lbs. since the start of my bariatric journey and 104 lbs. from my highest weight. I had the surgery at 62 years of age and I was pre-diabetic, with high blood pressure and a BMI of over 44 and Stage 2 kidney disease. My highest dress size was 24 and I had severe acid reflux, back, knee and feet problems. At present, I can likely get into a size 18 and my bust size has gone from DDD to DD. I absolutely have no regrets getting the surgery -- it likely saved my life in many ways. Pre surgery I did a lot of reading on here as I wanted to know as much as I could about what to expect and I appreciated those who were 6-12 months out from surgery coming back to talk about their experiences, so I wanted to pay it forward. I will begin by breaking this into 4 sections: How I feel, What I think about myself, What I appreciate about myself now, and My work in progress. How I Feel: Physically I feel great and I consider that a blessing. I still have problems with my feet but that is mainly due my falling arches more than anything (although I did strain my ankle a few weeks ago attempting to do HIIT exercises -- don't ask). I've been most frustrated not being able to go to the gym to workout so my main exercise is walking long distances and doing online sculpturing classes. I do plan to return to the gym soon to step up the weight training. Walking up a flight of stairs without gasping for air is just simply divine! Having blood pressure that avg. 117/75? Lovely! I do still have to sleep somewhat elevated as I do have occasional bouts of reflux but nothing like before the surgery and I can't sleep on my right side for too long. But I can now sleep on my back without having severe back pain (the draw back is that my mouth is always open when I do). My blood work for the most part shows most areas in the normal ranges and my kidneys are functioning well. What I think about myself: When I was still in my 20s, I managed to lose 80 pounds and I gained it all back and then some. What is different about me now vs. then is that I still saw myself as fat, even though at that time, I was 16 pounds away from my goal weight. When I look at the pictures of me then, I couldn't see what I see of myself now. Even if I never lose another pound, I am so very cool with me being at this size right now. We are all different, especially us women, but yet we compare our bodies to an image that is not necessarily natural or realistic for most of us. Now I look in the mirror and I 'see' skinny and that's only because I'm tall and can carry more weight without 'looking' fat. That's also why the bottom line for me will always be the numbers on the scale, the volume of food I eat and the calories I ingest because the numbers don't lie. But poor body imagery can screw your mind up every time. What I appreciate about myself now: I think that it's so important to note the things that most folk who are thinner often take for granted. I try to keep a mental list of the things I can do now vs. before: Crossing my legs! I so love doing this! I can cross my legs without needing to hold my leg in place with my hand. I can keep my legs crossed for long periods of time without leg cramps; I can get a 4.5 mile walk in within 1 hr, 15 min vs. the 1 hr. 45 mins. in the past. I was able to work up to 10 miles in one session last year; Love having a resting heart rate in the 50s-60s; I can actually go to Costcos and buy some clothes! I haven't yet done so, but I will be able to start shopping for clothes in the non plus size section (that will still feel weird though); I like the fact that it can take me 2-3 days to finish a meal that I would normally eat in one meal. Volume control is a major game changer for me. I can't believe that I don't miss ice cream! My Work in Progress: The weight loss is slooooooooooooooooooooow now. I'm so close to that major milestone of onederland that I can taste it! Drinking enough water is still a struggle; Yes, sometimes I do overeat (and yeah, I pay for that!) Some foods that I like I can't really eat that much of anymore. I have to remind myself to make sure I get in enough protein. The protein drinks really helps even now. I still feel somewhat guilty when I have to throw food away because I'm full. I still snack a lot and I will on occasion, have that one sweet item that I want. I don't crave sweets and I'm so very grateful about that. Interesting that I want more savory things now. Being consistent is what I have to constantly work on. So ask me anything and I will check in from time to time to answer your questions. I would love to hear from others who had the surgery just prior to the great shutdown of 2020. Whatever you do, stay true and focus on your journey. It doesn't matter when you get there, only that you do in your time.
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    I love going out to eat. It’s different now. I was prepared for this and I looked at it as “I have had 35 years to eat so many delicious amazing things. I’ll still get to eat delicious foods again but the surgery gives me the chance to find other things to love in my life - new passions and experiences that I’ve been too preoccupied and overweight to explore.” I’m nearly 6 weeks out and we have “eaten out” 3 times. Once I got soup, once I got a pulled pork kids meal, and once a chicken wrap, which I basically ate a few bites of chicken out of the wrap. My man is totally comfortable with enjoying his food and trusting that I’m eating what I need to eat. If you have co-dependent food enjoyment, that might be difficult. Yesterday he wanted ice cream and I went with him and didn’t have anything. I wasn’t interested after being off sugar for so long. I don’t tell myself “I can’t have xyz” because that will trigger me to want to binge. I tell myself “I’m choosing ..”
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    Hi Losing! Yes constipation pre surgery was an issue for me as well. Luckily I have standing colonics and that did help. What I do now is take a daily pre-biotic/probiotic. Also Cascara Sagrada may help and thanks!
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    I am near 2 months out from Bypass to bypass revision. Weight loss is slower this time around, but I'm actually glad of it. It is consistent and manageable- I feel good. My vitamin levels have been stable - a million times better than after my original bypass. I have a long way to go yet, but so far, worth it.
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    One glass of wine....

    I can definitely agree that unplanned random drinking can certainly lead to some drunk decision making. So I only drink occasionally and plan my experience. I have these super dainty lovely crystal glasses that full only hold three ounces. I fill to the curve line with an ounce. I cut up an ounce of this delightful extra aged Gouda cheese with those crystals in it into tiny pieces . So I know my tasty snack and dont drink enough for an altered state requiring fridge cleaning.
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    Can't Maintain

    it should stop on its own. Things do shift around during year 2, so you'll start looking less gaunt - and then in year 3, MANY of us put on 10-20 lbs of bounce back weight (and some put on more), so I wouldn't get too worried yet... I was really worried when I got into the low 130s, but I bounced back 20 lbs in year 3. Now I kinda wish I hadn't - but it happens to the majority of us.
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    Too much weight loss?

    Absolutely listen to your team’s advice (they have seen it all) but ultimately the choice is yours. I understand the knee jerk reaction anyone can have from gaining especially after working long and hard to lose. But IMHO the goal is healthy, whatever that looks like for you ❤️ You may naturally gain a little anyway If you are more that 2 yrs from surgery (or when maintenance begins) Weight loss should slow down eventually if you are not actively trying to lose. Congratulations on making it to goal.
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    Too much weight loss?

    I understand your concerns, but you should follow your nutritionist's advice (and possibly also see a therapist). I think you need to focus on fuel and energy, not empty calories. So if you need to add 200 calories to your diet, add some fruit to your breakfast or add some complex carbs like oatmeal or brown rice to your meals. Don't eat something that you know might trigger you, like cookies or ice cream. Take care and good luck!
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    It’s one of the reasons we’re advised to eat slowly. It takes time for the message you’ve had enough to get through. You don’t ever want to reach that I’m stuffed stage of being full. Just I’ve had enough & don’t need any more. I still take ages to eat 30 - 60+ minutes depending on what I’m eating. When I was losing & eating small meals I ate over 20 minutes. Sometimes I distract myself between bites by watching tv or reading when eating. I know some say you should focus on your eating but I find it works for me to be distracted. I don’t shovel in the spoonfuls then. Put your cutlery down. Sit back from the table. Wait a couple of minutes before you have the next bite. I used to ask myself if I really needed that next bite or did I just want it. Still do sometimes. There is a huge difference between needing that bite & wanting it. It’s not unusual for me to pick up my fork & then put it back down again because I realise I don’t need that bite. Much like discovering what real hunger feels like for you versus head hunger, you have to discover what enough means for you. That is what the physical, mental or other signals are for you. I don’t get that running nose thing either so I’m very conscious of the portion size I’m eating & don’t overfill my plate beyond what my portion size should be. I get like a heaviness in my chest. This is followed by a slight tightness before my restriction really kicks in though sometimes it does very quickly with no warning. Good luck with your revision surgery.
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    Thoughtfully created post. Thanks ❤

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