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    Lowest Weight since 2004

    So this morning I stepped on the scale and saw 179.8. I haven't seen such a low number in 15 years! Of course, I keep thinking 2004 was just 5 or 6 years ago so there was a double WHAAATTTT?? moment for me. I'm over the moon! Had RNY on November 28, 2018 and have lost 96 pounds so far. I truly can't believe it. It's a constant journey of mind and body changes. Still struggling with my "FAT" mind but I'm working on it. Here's to finally kicking this weight issue in the nuts!
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    Cold feet

    you really need to be committed to the eating plan - both before surgery and until you reach maintenance. Otherwise, you might not reach your goals. Forgive yourself for this, but get back on the program and stick to it...
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    I was in the same position as you a couple months ago (and I'm 5'2" too!). ...was going to post a more in depth reply here, but @Healthy_life2 just reminded me with her post above that I am overdue in posting in The Maintenance Thread she quoted. Will work on that now and link it up from here to avoid double posting...
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    I will just tell you that EVERY day you get stuff straight up front, is one LESS day you may potentially be in crisis on the back end. And I think your new doc may be right. I would want my meds taken care of up front and a plan in place for post surgery absorption before I go into surgery. ((hugs)) and seriously, 30-60days will pass in the blink of an eye girl!! Take care of your head first, so you can have the MOST optimal success with your tum!
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    VSG surgery

    I am 54 years old and had the gastric sleeve just shy of 8 months ago and haven't had one minute's problem or complication. It's been wonderful.
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    Chinese Food Puree

    Correct, but it’s my understanding (others might disagree) that purées are more like tuna or shredded chicken, not just taking regular foods and blending them up. I could take a Big Mac and blend it up, but that’s not what I would consider a “purée” I just want people to make the most of their WLS
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    Watching grass grow

    All of you seem to have been so much better prepared for this than I was. I did attend all the required pre-surgery classes, which helped me a lot. My only other source of information was this board, which was a godsend! I learned so many things that my surgeon had not told me.
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    Watching grass grow

    All of the above is great advice. I also made a list of things I wanted to do, a kind of bucket list of things after weightloss, that were not possible/ fun at my highest weight. Even only 8 weeks out, I have already managed some and it is very motivating. I collected recipes that I knew would be bariatric friendly, too. I made a binder for them so they would be ready to go when I was. My family has since implemented a "new recipe" night every Saturday where we cook and test one out together. (Makes a great replacement for eating out.) Check out the Food Before and After thread link below for lots of pics of yummy healthy food people eat post op for some great inspiration. Food before/after Hang in there, you can make this time count for sure!
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    I would stay away from protein bars personally . They pack as many calories as a candy bar and can be addictive to some. You know yourself better then anyone though. I was eating on average 800 calories at 6 months out. Breakfast. 1 egg and either turkey sausage or 2 slices of bacon ( I still eat this today ) Lunch. tuna creation pouch and 1/4 cup of cottage cheese Dinner. 1 rib and part of a baked potato with cheddar cheese ect. Snack. Almonds This is just one day I had logged in my 6 months. Most of the time I could not finish a meal and would go back and finish later instead of snacking on other things.
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    Try switching the protein bars out for real foods and see if anything changes. At 6 months post op i began salads in addition to protein