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    Thank you all for your support. It has been a while since I have been here and posted anything...... I had gastric sleeve surgery on Feb. 4, 2015 after recovering from the removal of my lapband and repair of 2 holes in my stomach that was done on Dec. 5, 2014. The second surgery went great but 2 major surgeries in 2 months took their toll and recovery was long. I am doing great now and can actually hold down food. What a blessing! I have lost 35.5 lbs. since my surgery in Feb. Of course I want it to be faster but I will take it after all I've been through and the fact that I can actually eat. Exercise was slow to come due to complete exhaustion in my recovery but slowly building strength there too so I expect things to start progressing faster now. Well, hoping anyway. I have another 2 pounds to lose to get back to the lightest I was post lapband surgery then after that, it is all the sleeve and my hard work! So, here's to another 2 pounds and increase in exercise and to a new life for me! I looked last night at a picture of me at my heaviest and I started to cry. I don't even recognize myself. It is a reminder of how completely unhappy I was then and all that I had gone through to bring me to that weight. I am glad I have those pictures. Even though it is so hard to look at, I will, as it is motivation and reminder to myself that I will NEVER EVER go back there again! I have never been so hopeful and happy in all my life!

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