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    To Tell Or Not...

    I have been banded for over three years and have told only two people - my husband and best friend. Here are my tips for eating out with others and keeping the "nosey nancy's" at bay : (1) Be very careful with what you try to eat. Avoid the bread, potatoes and other difficult food or you will need to explain why your eyes are suddenly watering, you sound like you're being strangled when you talk, or you have to lunge for the table to make it to the restroom. I tend to stick to soup or very small portions. My husband is also well trained in picking up the signs that I need a moment for a bite to pass and will fill in the conversation until I can talk again. In a pinch, I have gasped something like, "Went down the wrong pipe!" and then excused myself to go to the restroom. Fortunately, this has only happened twice. (2) Ask for a to-go box as soon as you feel comfortable and take a good portion of your food home. If you do this, it is not so obvious that you are sitting there with an almost full plate and you can eat it at home at a pace that is better for you and the band. (3) Tell people that you are a slow eater. Which is very, very true with a band. (4) Tell people you are dieting. Again very true. I tell people that as part of my diet, I have cut out things like bread and potatoes. (5) Go to the restroom during the meal, if only to walk around and let your food settle. This will give you some extra time where you are not just sitting there staring at your full plate or your dining companions. Good luck on the upcoming surgery! It was the best investment I have ever made in myself.
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    To Tell Or Not...

    Definitely think about who you want to tell. I made the mistake of telling too many people. I feel like people watch me now when I'm around them and I'm eating. It's annoying. Just think about it.
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    Omigosh! They Fit! They Fit!

    I am so excited for you!! Way to go!!!!!!
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    Omigosh! They Fit! They Fit!

    Congratulations, it is hard to believe but very soon you will be giving those 20’s away! Keep rocking that sleeve!
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    This is an even better reason to have chosen the surgery! LOL The scale just gives you #'s. The weight loss is the same and so it's all good. My scale is somewhat crazy. I weight in the AM and it said I way152.6, then less than 1 minute later, I step on it and it saids I weigh 156.4, so then I really have to check it one more time and it saids 154.6 lbs. So which is it? I always choose the lessor one of course. But my scale is a weight watcher's scale and cost me a pretty penny about a year ago. I think I like my old one better. Hehehehehe My scale lies to me and really deserves a time out for bad behavior!
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    Ms skinniness

    Omigosh! They Fit! They Fit!

    This is so much fun to hear about! You are doing great and pretty soon those 20's will be way toooooooooo big! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!
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    Omigosh! They Fit! They Fit!

    That is super exciting! Congratulations
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    Singing The Song

    wow Robbie. That's great ! I just got the results of the lymph node biopsy and they were all cancer free. huzza ! :-) Shannon, my name is Sheila Patterson and I always need and appreciate prayer. Thank you !
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    Banded Yesterday & Miserable, 5/21/12

    Ok, so the gas has finally started to "pass" and I'm getting a LOT of relief from it! I woke up feeling so much better. I decided to step on the scale and I'm down 10 lbs just since Sunday!!! I know I was complaining before, but I take it all back, this is more than worth it!!! Thanks for all the support everyone! I've chosen not to let people around me know that I had this procedure done because I really dont wanna hear the criticism, I just wanna feel better.... at least I can talk to others on here who are going through similar situations in dealing with it. I was kind of feeling alone till I hopped on this forum.....
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    I'm Feeling A Little Like Frodo.....

    Congrats on breaking 300lbs! That is too awesome and wonderful! I know right now it may seem like your looking across the Mt. of Doom..but think 100lbs from now you're going to look back and think.. wow that went by quick, or you're going to think.. I remember writing that blog about losing 100lbs.. that feels just like yesterday! What was I worried about!