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    I've heard the quote before but in this time of my life i certainly didn't apply it. If there is anyone out there like me, having fear, doubt, and worry it is definitely time to STOP! I can think of a ton of reason why i shouldn't have bariatric surgery, but i can think of a ton of reasons why i should. My sister said to me the other day "IF YOU HAVE THE SURGERY YOU COULD DIE, IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE SURGERY YOU COULD DIE". Im gonna lay it out there, IM SCARED! Im scared of being cut, i'm scare of being sick, i'm scared of being put under and never waking up, im scared of sutures busting, or a leak or malfunction. I'm worried that i'm not making the right decision, that maybe i can still do it on my own. Yes if you can't tell I can be a worry wort! Its usually silent, i don't share it with anyone until it almost eats away at my insides and i just have a breakdown. Has anybody else felt this way? I'm feel like im the only one who has felt this way, which i know i'm not! Those words up there are soooo true, tell the storm how BIG YOUR GOD IS!!! Refuse to doubt, refuse to fear, TRUST IN GOD. This is not a decision i've taken lightly. Its not something i decided on yesterday. So why do i doubt, why do i fear? WHERE IS MY FAITH? So from this day forward i vow to trust instead of doubt. I will believe instead of worry. I will remove fear and replace it with faith. No matter what happens, i know EVERYTHING will work out fine
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    Thanks for the tip! I really appreciate it. Mixing up the diet is a super idea and I will do that. I was also thinking that I would add on an additional 15 mins to my nightly walks.
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    Hey Jess, sounds like you need some tough love, so here it is! You can have excuses or you can have results but you can't have both. At the moment, you have excuses, plenty of them. Lack of time, poor food choices, excuses not to eat right, excuses not to exercise. That's why you've gained and are finding it impossible to lose. But I suspect you already know all that and you're ready for results. So, here's what you do. Suck it up! You made the decision to get the band. Yes, you had a stumble. Now it's time to get working with your band again. Don't be embarrassed by what a dr or nurse may say or what you think they may think about your gain. They have seen it all before. I'll bet the ones they think worst of are those that don't come back and ask for their help. That's what they are there for, to help you. Can't afford it? Another excuse. Sell some stuff on ebay. Save up the money. Talk to your dr's office about paying it off. You want this badly enough then you will find a way. Now the support. You have definitely come to the right place on these forums. We are all here because we have battled the obesity demons. We understand your feelings and this band community will be here to support you as you get kick started again and work your way through this tough time. Hang in there. You can do it! Good luck.
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    Preach!!!! You really inspired me with this one, i almost cried but you know i'm reading this at work and i dont want to ruin my makeup..lol.. You are my home-girl and my VSG buddy, i will support your decision either way, but i know that this is something that could help you out tremendously. I do believe you can do it on your own, we all could have done it on our own but this tool i think is a God-send that really forces us to change habits. I'm excited for surgery, i know that you will get to that point as well. It will be hard but like you said, i'm going to replace fear with faith. I swear this post is just awesome!!!!
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    Sweet Toni, I think we all have some degree of fear and angst of the unknown, anytime you are having a surgery and being sedated you have to have faith in your surgeon and the medical staff attending , I know I prayed about it and put in the Lords hands and kept it moving. Everything turned out execellent !!!!!!! I am so happy I made the decision , I am 3 mon. post op and I feel absolutely great !!!!!!!! I was a 16/18 and I am now 12/14 ,even though I dont see it my clothes tell the story and my breathing is not rough and loud anymore. Hope this helps , keep the faith it will all turn out fine!!!! Two fingers, One Love ! CAMMYD*:-)
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    Sept. 2010 Bandsters !!!

    Ladies, I just think some of it is out of our control. In fact, when I hear about how hard you all work with slow results, I know that it isn't a matter of what I did right that you're doing wrong-- no way! I lost 100 lbs and part of it was just plain old dumb luck. Many of you are way healthier in behavior than I am. I hate to say this because I don't want to be the cause of anyone's pain and I truly believe that it isn't fair-- but I don't exercise and haven't really done much in the way of sustained physical activity this entire time. I ate low carb for the first 6 months and have been more relaxed since then, so it isn't even some magical calorie or specific food-type eating plan that got me 100 lbs down. Honestly, I think it's that I actually have a relatively small build underneath all of the fat, and that I hadn't dieted or messed with my metabolism at all in 10 years before getting surgery, so my body was willing to cooperate if I just ate less and ate healthy most of the time. I only say all of this because I want you to know-- you are not a failure and most of you seem to be doing even more than I did but having slower results. It's frustrating and unfair, but as long as you stay honest with yourself and keep pushing, I have to believe that eventually you will see better results.
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    Sept. 2010 Bandsters !!!

    Yes I would love to be buddies with you....Would you like to swap numbers? Okay so I am on my 6th ay with my fill and it is hard to eat Soup, it goes down sloooowwwwlllyyyy I almost feel as if it is going to get stuck. Question: should I give it acouple more days or should I go get some out?
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    Congratulations! You've taken the first big step in extending your life! You're in control again - don't let other bring you back down! I am feeling 100% better after about 7 weeks (post surgery) of feeling (for lack of a better term) "out of sorts." My doctor said sometimes it takes a good 4-8 weeks for the anesthesia to leave your body. You feel tired, no energy, depressed and you doubt that this was the right move for you. Just hang in there - you'll feel great soon. I was feeling very lousy. You did this for you - to extend your life - to get healthy. Be strong and you can choose not to be friends with these people. You have a lot of folks who will support you on this site. Congratulations on your amazing accomplishments. Keep up the great work! Make sure to take in your liquid Protein, no food cheating and get lots and lots of rest. May
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    That is kind of how the band worked for me. I know how to lose weight. I know the things I need to change, but really it was the surgery that shored everything up for me. It helps keeps me accountable. It reminds me when I screw up and helps set me on the right path. I personally haven't had any fills in the band because I really want it to be because of my hard work and effort that I am losing the weight. Some have asked then why have the surgery. The surgery was my rock bottom in my addiction to food. To me it was my wake up call and that is exactly what I needed it to be. Remember the band is a tool. You determine how you want to use it.You can do things as fast or as slow as you need them to be for you. I don't know you but from how you describe yourself, this would work for you. Whatever you decide, good luck on your journey and yeah I would hesitate of doing the RNY.
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    Based on your first paragraph I would think the LapBand would be perfect for you as well. I dont petend to walk in your shoes so will not tell you what to do. I also have no idea what a Center of Excellence is.... What I do know is this. I stepped on the scale in My surgeon's office last December and weighed 377 lbs. At 5"10 I was a big girl. Last week I stepped on that same scale and it read 253. I am still 5'10 and I am still a big girl.... but I am 124 lbs, 10 sizes and more inches than i can count smaller. And in another 6 months I expect to be 165 lbs. I know how to diet... shoot I had done it more times than I could count over the past 30 years. Problem is... I never learned to eat just a little bit. No one taught me food is fuel. Until the Lapband. My Dr is strict. He has done 600 bands so I trust him and have followed his guidelines to the letter. I gave up carbonation, stay away from fried foods, do not drink my calories and record what goes in my mouth on my phone ap. I eat 4-6 oz of food per meal...3 x per day. I have 2 Snacks. I stay at around 1000 calories and walk 2 miles a few times per week. I have been doing that since December of last year. I dont care about the statics. I did my research, picked a top bariatric Dr and follow his rules. I can tell you he has removed 1 band in 600 due to a medical problem. He also was honest to tell me at least 20% of his patients fail... because they do not follow the rules, get regular fills and keep appointments. I have never vomited but I have brought food back up when I ate to fast or too much...that isnt tha band's fault. I have never been "starving" except the first 4 days of the liquid diet. I am not sure what an incorrect fill is... unless you mean its not enough or too much. Thats part of the process getting to your green zone. Its certainly not a big deal. That said... I believe this band has worked for me and will continue to work for me after I reach my goal because I want it too. Its a drastic measure... but one I was ready to make. I dont know how much you need to lose... I dont know what your motivation is... but the band does 70% of the work. You must do the rest. For me... I was willing to give %30.

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