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    Un-Filled...But Fulfilled

    It's been a week since my unfill from 6 to 5 cm after a year of discomfort, and I find myself asking why I waited so long. I've had a great week: been able to reintegrate fresh fruit and vegetables into my diet and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning without seeing it again later on. Perhaps most importantly, I've been eating slower and chewing thoroughly, and have made it through meals without drinking, something I've realized was not good for me. I actually feel the food go down more than I did when I was tighter (probably because of drinking less), but I get stopped up alot less. I've hardly had any pb's during the week, and the infamous "spit cup" which accompanied me to meals (and which I often needed in between meals as well) has been relegated to the cupboard beneath the sink. My daily routine consists of coffee in the morning, about a cup of either meat, meat and vegetable or meat, vegetable and carb (I vary between the three every day) for lunch, and then either salad or a fruit for snack and fruit or a salad for dinner. I've had 2 or 3 mini binges during the week (I say "mini" because there's no comparison in quantity to what went on before the band), but I just get up the next day and go back to my routine. No recrimination, no beating myself up, no drama. That is the great divide between life pre and post band. If, before, I had five "bad" days and two "good" ones, then now I have maybe six good ones and one bad one, which works out to a batting average of .833, so what am I going to complain about when I'm good enough for the Hall of Fame. If I keep going this way, I'll have Cooperstown asking for my fork! Thanks for listening, everyone, and thanks for being there!
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    How can you "fail" with the band?

    I would say, from experience, that these people must have been banded recently, within the last 4-5 months, and have not reached that "sweet spot" with their fills. I know, I've been there. As far as cheating the band......I am at that sweet spot where I can only eat small amounts at each meal, and most of the time do not feel all that hungry to eat much to begin with. I've also learned the hard way, from being stuck many times, that there are foods I need to avoid, and also I need to eat slowly with small mouthfuls. BUT Old habits die hard, and even though I can eat only small portions, there is nothing to stop me (except myself) from eating every 30 minutes, so to speak. AKA "grazing" This is not due to being hungry. It is more addictive, compulsive behavior. Does not have to be a lot, just almost constant small snacking with things like potato chips, dip, Cookies, etc, etc. You have to learn to listen to your body, not your head. Drink plenty of Water, and get your Protein in. It may sound strange, but I am learning that food is not really that important in my life anymore. I ignore it.
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    How can you "fail" with the band?

    I could still eat like I used to, even with 7+ cc's in my band. Nothing gets stuck for me, nothing makes me sick, very few foods make me feel full (instead I'm just satisfied as opposed to full). It would be so very easy for me to just go back to eating like I used to. I don't even have to resort to slider foods. I find this equal parts terrifying and empowering- because I know that these 50 pounds, I really lost because of ME.
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    Keeping Lap Band a Secret

    Man . so many great thoughts here.I have opted to tell only my hubbie of 28 years and my adult daughter who lives with us. If she did not live with us I probably would not have told her until after as well.I have one co worker who had bypass last February and i did discuss it with her.She was pivotal in my decision to do this. She is closed mouthed as she understands not wanting to put up with "well meaning buttinskies who will tell you all of the horror stories they know" . I may tell after my surgery date is set and all is a done deal. But probably not. At least not until they start to ask how I lost weight and how great I look....I think there is so much judgment out there. Also I am borderline BMI 36.5 with sleep apnea. I am also tall and do not look as heavy as I am, so I think many will think I " do not need this just loose weight the regulat way". Most of my weight is in my midsection where it does the most harm to your heart, one of the main reason I am going to do this. I am not telling others in my family until they see results. My sister will freak, as she will worry about complications. I was in the medical field for 30 years so I am well versed in complications. Howerer I also am sure they can be minimized by following your surgeon's directions EXACTLY. I meet with my surgon next week and cannot wait to get further down this path.
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    Hey KB - 16 days to go ...and I know just what you mean by taking a break from VST. I had to get away from all of the "hearsay slammers" that just don't get it. Remember playing "pass it on" as children - we would sit in a circle and whisper something and it would go around the circle. By the time it got back to the beginning - the original message does not even resemble the final message. That's what happens with gossip and spreading fear with hacker, idiotic emails about doctors who killed their patients blah blah blah. I was ready to never return to this site. But alas, I finally realized some people can't live unless they can rain on a sunny day. I laughed when I read your treadmill story because a few years ago (8 or so...omg) I had a flutter that had to be checked. I ran for about 30 seconds and thought I was going to die. I started shooting PVCs or something like that and they stopped the test. Eventually the flutters went away - probably about the same time as they discovered I had sleep apnea...and set me up with a CPAP. It's good to not overly think this journey. We go through the educational stage where we gather information, and then we go through the decision stage followed by the excitement stage and then we settle into being consumed by every piece of information we can get...and finally we move to the ...ok it's just another surgery - let's move on. I think that is why so many people get on VST a LOT before surgery...some after... and then don't respond as much because it is no longer a big deal as they have lost...and lost...and lost more weight. I look forward to that last stage.
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    I am far from there but that is okay. I have gotten under the really dreaded 300. Not sure WHERE that came from. But I go by 10's...Now I want to be out of the 60's. It took me a LONGGGG time to get out of the 70's (Before banding) and I thought I was going to poke a stick in my eye but I got thru it. Now lets see what the next chapter, with band, holds. No fill yet, not even week post surgery but wow glad I found you guys it has been a blessing. Like my husband (Mr. I have never been one lb overweight in all my years) just said "Good for you to find others that understand"...AMEN!'' <a href="http://www.TickerFactory.com/weight-loss/wReMN0E/"> <img border="0" src="http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/t/wReMN0E/weight.png"></a>
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    Dr Spivak was my surgeon also and I have and have had Omnipac in my band since my first fill. He asked me if I wanted that or saline? I chose the Omnipac as it was thicker. I have talked to a lady Surgeon in Bryan Texas that does fills under fluro for $200.00 I discuss with them that I have Omnipac and it did not seem to be a problem. They are in her Bryan Office every other weekend and then in Tyler, Texas the other weekends. She and her husband both have a band. Dr Spivak was a great surgeon and such a nice man, it will be hard to find someone who cares about his people like he did. If you compare other Drs to him most will not stand up to the challenge. So if you do not like the ones who are replacing him choose another Dr. I can find you the number for the lady Surgeon in Bryan if you are interested a lot of people really like her. I am sure I will be going there soon. Dr Spivak always did my fills himself and under flouro so that is what I want now. I will not change to saline as I do not know what the restiction will feel like might be different might not be. Anyway the surgeon will not make you choose the right foods and exercise. You are just getting a fill from them, you have to be your own cheerleader. Cheri

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