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    Woo hoo! Onderland!

    After bouncing around between 200 and 201 for a few days, I finally hit onderland today!! 199.2!!!! It feels fantastic [emoji4] Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    My birthday gift to me

    A year ago, I was getting ready for gastric sleeve surgery. I was tired, fat and unhealthy. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was in insulin dependent diabetic. I was on antidepressants. January 9, 2018 was the day my life changed. And now I’m LIVING! i work out 5-6 days per week, I love kickboxing! I’m down nearly 100 lbs and I feel younger than ever. I’m off all medication and according to my lab work, I’m a whole new woman. For those of you who are considered sugery, DO IT! Be ready to change everything about your current life. My biggest obstacle has been my brain. Changing the way I think about life. About food. About who i have in my life. I found my life. My value. Find yours!!
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    Then and Now

    A friend if mine sent this to me this morning, it's from 4 years ago today at my heaviest around 270 maybe higher (honestly probably higher) Pictures never lie, except on Instagram but whatever, I'll probably post this in other places but I felt like I needed this space because I don't reflect enough on my accomplishments. I think everyone should...
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    Ok so I know a lot of you don't weigh yourselves more then once a week. I usually weight myself about 3 times a week. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I am actually losing weight ☺️ So I weighed myself on Friday I weighed the same as I had 2 days before 201... Today I got on the scale just knowing I must of gained after having stuff I should not of had at a party last night. Hey it is the season to celebrate. To my astonishment the scale read 197 whoooohooooo. I have not seen anything under 200 in years. I did a happy dance in the bathroom. I am so happy I took this journey. I'm getting my life back.
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    Fat shaming ?? Post op over 4 yrs

    I'm very happy for you that you've had success. However, I'm a bit concerned by you saying "I frequently try to bite my tongue." "Frequently" implies not always "Try" implies you don't always succeed. My advice would be to keep your thoughts to yourself, and do your best not to indicate your thoughts with your facial expressions. Not everyone who is large is unhappy about it, and if they are, they don't need you reminding them. Perhaps I'm reading your post incorrectly; the style with all of the commas makes it a smidge difficult to follow. However, I would only offer up opinions or advice if someone explicitly asks for it. Again, congrats on your continued success though!
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    Who the heck is this woman?

    So... A little back information is required for this story. I’m a hairdresser (36 yrs) but first I’m a wife and mom , a great friend and up until just a few months ago a caregiver for my dad (he passed just recently) I have always been a giving person ( total pushover) NEVER put myself first and have had tremendous stress trying to get my child with autism the help he needs .. all this I ATE over, and ate and ate.. it was ma thang. I was always running around taking care of all and losing track of me along the way.. this past February 4th I had gastric by pass and I am changing so much I can’t believe it.. my self esteem is great and I am becoming the woman I have dreamed about becoming for DECADES.. this to the displeasure of a few folks who I have been there for even at the sacrifice of my own health and well being..well, their pushing back, disgruntled and perplexed as to why I will no longer cater to them and I’ve had some heated debates and tears from those who were used to having me at their beck and call.. the amazing thing is I have no guilt in putting myself first but the peanut gallery has a LOT to say about it... just this week I have been asked " Who is this new woman” it will require such changes to these friendships that it might mean walking away and choosing my self for a change.. I’m really excited and I can’t believe the freedom that comes with releasing that guilt that made me be so self destructive.. I’m not the woman I was months ago... and I’m darn glad!!!
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    I made it! In almost exactly 10 weeks! I’m thrilled!
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    It was NOT gas pain.

    I got the sleeve December 28th. Successful pre-op week long liquid diet and day before clear liquids. 10.5 lb loss Successful surgery, anesthesia hit a bit hard and I didn’t end up fully waking up until middle of the night surgery night. Began walking, could hardly sip, all normal stuff. I could immediately pick myself up and didn’t require assistance in sitting up or walking around, was just extremely tired. Three days post op I began feeling what I assumed were the dreaded gas pains dead center of my abdomen. I called my doctors office, scoured the forums for advice, nothing helped. I tried the milk of magnesia assuming I was backed up, not the case. Tried gasx bc the pain latest 3 days non stop. Couldn’t hardly move, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t walk, couldn’t sit, lay, anything. So! Fast forward to Thursday (6 days post op) and I’m balling on the phone with my doctors office pleading there’s no way this is gas. So they bump my post op appointment to the next morning if I can wait. If not, they say don’t wait to go to the ER. Next morning on Friday my mother rushes me to the office, we barely get through the door and they’re sending us to the ER next door. After many tests, hours of different pain meds that didn’t work...a ct scan shows a prominent Portal vein thrombosis. A massive and extremely painful blood clot in my chest bc of the surgery. Little pre surgery info, I’m extremely healthy. I’ve never had heart burn, acid reflux, diabetes, heart problems, any issues health wise. I’ve now been in the hospital for over a week dealing with the excruciating pain, blood thinners, 6 days of NO FOOD OR WATER, not even ice chips. Talk about torture. So, just a heads up...it’s not always gas pain. This may be super rare, which is what I’ve been told, but still...it sounds like gas pains...it still may not be. If your pain is at a 10 go to the dang hospital.
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    Avery's Mom


    I can Cross my legs! I sat down to have a chat with a friend yesterday and just did it out of habit, like I used to.....and low and behold...I did it! It's the little things.