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    Hit a milestone today * 270lbs *

    Sorry I felt the need to post my next milestone hitting 270lbs today & Monday I'll be two weeks away from surgery I like to share positive thoughts and messages to those who may be feeling discouraged!
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    Newly single.

    Drag him through court and make sure he pays for every day he's missed! Judges just hate men who don't pay support!!!
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    Just another ONEDERLAND Post!!!

    For the past few weeks the scale has been going back and forth between 198-200lbs. I refused to count it until I was under 197-today is that day😄😁 1st goal get under 200lbs met!
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    Look at all your hard work and how far you have come. Thanks for staying on the site and sharing your transformation. I’m so happy for you.
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    Pamper: I got a manicure, I can’t recall the last time I did that. I feel very shiny lol Going to a Vegas/casino theme party so we’re getting all dressed up tonight. The food sounds amazing and looks like a lot of good choices will be available. I’m the designated driver so no added calories! One of the things I love about myself is that I don’t talk aloud about the things I love about myself.
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    congrats to all taking the first steps on the new journey of life with the tools to help us succeed we all welcome you guys to the group
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    Changes in relationships PO

    wow !!!! I have been discussing this with my sister who will have this surgery next year and my niece who is 8 months out and looking fabulous and she warned me this is inevitable especially with females unfortunately and she told me to be ready with a comeback when they make little negative comments sooooo im gonna just say. I was morbid obese,had high blood pressure ,high cholesterol taking 8 pills a day and had severe sleep apnea sooooo let me get this straight you think I should have stayed like that rather than be and look like this??? WOW and just walk away...…..
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    Hi there. Getting pregnant and gaining weight totally sucks! I recall my first pregnancy, I gained 50 pounds! It was mostly fluid. My second pregnancy, I think I gained 30-32lbs. Anyway, I'm assuming since no one has responded that they do not have any experience with this particular doctor, nor flying after two days after surgery. Thanks for sharing the podcast as it was quite informative. Good luck on your journey.
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    Congrats Guys,I'm getting excited now . let's remember each other as we go through this journey and surgery day. We all got pre op diets coming up and they are sometimes different . What is your Pre-op diet . Mine is two Protein Shakes and a lean meat and vegetable meal for dinner . oh and Jello, sugarless pops for snacks.. Not so bad.... Did I miss anybody??? we got four sets of twins so far @kia h @ChangingSeasons @mckrag14 @Confoozed84 @MyNextSeason @TotallyPosh @november11 @Jas592 @tracyluvjordan @hepwkayl @melflirt01 @OrguinDayciri, @Delestere @denise08k @ccorr 
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    Surgery went well. I felt fairly good after. Came home two days ago and a bit sore, especially on my left side......I don’t think messing up my pre-op diet did anything although the dr wanted me to have lost more weight before.......still up in weight because of fluids. Home recovering......