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    Newly single.

    Drag him through court and make sure he pays for every day he's missed! Judges just hate men who don't pay support!!!
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    Tomorrow at 10:30am

    So the OR e-mail me today for my surgery time. Tomorrow at 10:30am!!!!
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    9 year update!

    Hello you all! I see a few faces out there that I knew many years ago here. I used to be a host, and even got an award for most followed post! Its been a while. I first joined this forum in 2010. My pic shows me with red hair… its white now! I had a VSG in January of 2011. I entered this plan as a vegetarian, and maintained that status until about a year ago when I upped my game to Vegan eating (Did you know you can drink Coke and eat Oreos and still be vegan?). 7 weeks ago I upped it again and I follow a Whole Food Plant Based diet. It is also vegan eating, but cuts out not only meat and dairy, but any highly refined product including oils, refined sugar, white flour and rice, you get the picture. It is high Carb and low fat. It took me about two years after surgery to get about 65 pounds off (I only had 80-90 to lose) and then started to gain. I gained about 20, trying different diet changes along the way… then started using the 5/2 semi fasting method, and lost the rest in the following year eating an average of 1000 cal a day. So it took me three years to get to goal. Loved it. At last, I felt like the person in the mirror was me. That didn't last long. Slowly,over years, I gained much of the weight back. Eating less didn’t work like it had. I did eat more crap, but much of the time was on calorie counting staying under 1200 cals without much success. I got up to between 20-30 pounds under my highest weight, and managed to keep that much off for the last 8 years. This is a success. I have never been able to do that before. I can eat less, my stomach allows for much more food than it did the two years after surgery, but it still can give me a full signal faster than before surgery. This is a win. I am not sorry I got the surgery. In April of this year (2019) I found out I had breast cancer. In a whirlwind, I went to a ton of appointments and ended up quickly in surgery for a lumpectomy with 2 nodes removed, then a month of daily radiation. I am lucky to have caught it early, and my prognosis is good. Nothing like a kick in the ass to get you back on board a more healthy lifestyle. I was recommended to go to a “survival coach” appointment with Kaiser. I was told they would talk to me about lifestyle changes that would amend my other treatments. So, I found myself in the office at the appointment.(July 19th 2019). I met one on one with Dr. Earnie Bodai and a Nutritionist. He went through my prognosis, not just for Cancer but heart disease, stroke and diabetes. He gave me statistics, and suggestions, and told me I was much more likely to die from other things before I died from breast cancer. He said I would most benefit from eating a Whole Food Plant Based diet. He gave me the research to support it. He handed me over to the nutritionist who filled me in on the details. I had heard about this type of lifestyle before, but didn’t think I could follow it. Nothing like Cancer and a convincing bunch of information to make change easier! I switched to the WFPB diet imdeiately. Thats been just 2 months now. I have done a ton of research to back up what he told me. I ate a ton of food. I didn’t count calories. I traveled for two weeks over seas and managed to stay on plan. I watched ‘forks over knifes’ and ‘What the health’, I went and had labs done after following the plan for a month. My labs came back drastically better… in just one month. I had been a vegan before the labs, but the new small changes in my diet made a HUGE difference. My glucose dropped from 123 to 108… and should continue to drop as time goes by. My total cholesterol dropped 47 points. In one month of eating this way. I have been trying to control my cholesterol for years by other dietary changes. My LDL dropped from 175 to 139…. And yes, at almost two months on plan, eating so much delicious food, I have lost 15 pounds. Just saying. Im doing this with my older sleeve. Its working well. I don’t think I could have done this when my sleeve was newer, as you have to really EAT to have this plan work. I told my nutritionist that I had the sleeve and wondered if I could eat the TWO pounds of veg a day the plan recommended… She said “Start Eating, Eat often if necessary, Don’t worry about protein, your health will improve.” Thats what I have been doing and it works. If any of you out there are at the point where you can eat a lot more than early on in the sleeve process, this plan may work for you too. I am not a DR.. Do your research. I looked up my Survival Dr, Earnie Bodai on line, he said he had some medical papers published on breast cancer and diet, almong other topics, and found out the man is more than just a Dr. He is the Dr. that single handedly got the Breast Cancer stamp approved in the United States and now its being approved by other countries as well. He may well have saved hundreds of thousands of peoples lives through his many good works. I trust his research and recommendations to me. Here is his story if you are interested. https://youtu.be/KlToZUJg4kg Here is the plan I am following now. There are many others that are similar out there. Just look up Whole Food Plant Based diet. The success stories are legion. http://www.kphealthyme.com/Healthy-Eating-Active-Living-Programs/Education-libraries/Plant-Based-Diet.aspx
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    I am not sure where on the spectrum you fell. The psychological role is limited to rational expectations, ability to follow steps and fair judgement you could ask the surgeon if an outside Psych could be used. It is a way the clinic mitigates liability. If the psych has no training or experience with autism then the psych is practicing outside expertise You would be well within your rights to ask that particularpsych to obtain a consultation. Failure to do so may be considered malpractice or negligence on the psych part. An argument could be made that some individuals on the spectrum would have an increased rigid adherence to the rules because of a need structure. I would not worry too much about the tearful moment - The power and balance is real and for a very brief time you saw a future you’ve worked hard to reach taken away from you. Take some breaths refocus and meet again. Having an advocate within the room is totally acceptable this is something you are contracting for and short this person is working for you to help you reach success. Try reframing it so you can take the power back and meet the requirement to be able to follow a plan. I was private pay so did not need a mental health clearance but also Emma psychologist by trade - education
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    4-1/2 YEARS AGO

    So 4-1/2 years ago, I had the sleeve. Within 3 months, I dropped 60 of the 100 pounds I wanted to lose. I was off all blood pressure meds (and still am). Within the year following my sleeve, I developed abdominal hernias that my bariatric surgeon repaired. At that point, my weight loss stopped and I never reached "goal". Also at the time, I was working a 12 hour, physically demanding (not with heavy lifting but with a lot of walking), night shift 7p-730a which was one of my first saboteurs to my weight loss success -- I wasn't getting enough sleep. I also didn't exercise at all because of my physically demanding job. I decided to leave my night shift job, which I loved very much, for a "day job" but there was a 1 hour commute each way to this job. Exercising was now an even bigger challenge, but I got a gym membership near my home and I would drive my hour commute to the gym, work out and by the time I got home it was 8 p.m. 3 nights a week. Then I was eating dinner late. Enter REFLUX. I started with 20 mg of omeprazole, which didn't quite do the trick with my symptoms. Moving on to 40 mg was better but as time went on even the 40 mg of omeprazole wasn't cutting it so I supplemented with OTC omeprazole 20 mg for a total of 60 mg a day. That's where I am now. A recent EGD revealed I have yet another hernia. Lessons Learned: 1) Lifestyle matters. Prepare a lifestyle to accommodate your surgery so that you can take care of you. I didn't do this. I tried to be superwoman. I am humbled. 2) Follow up with your doctor's office more frequently than your program requires. Accountability is everything. Don't wander off and think you don't need follow up because you most certainly do. 3) Bloodwork. I can't emphasize this enough. I always keep my bloodwork in check -- I didn't want to lose my hair -- and I didn't. 4) Get plenty of sleep. Sleep needs to be as necessary as water to your well being. With these lessons learned, I will be getting the Roux-en-Y revision surgery to end my GERD and hopefully put me back on track with the 70 pounds I want to lose. I have created a lifestyle now that allows me to take care of me. I have a gym membership that includes a pool. I work a day job that allows me to work at home one day a week. I finally realized that being good to me is not a selfish thing, but a necessary thing.
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    Oh thank you SO much for saying this!!! I meant to bring up this point in my preaching above!!! That there are SOOOO many in the IF thread who have walked the walk for months now!!! Any one of us will be happy to help. And that the best thing is to jump into the thread, and start posting and asking questions!!! We'll all be thrilled to help! Not singling anyone out, but especially peeps like @GreenTealael, @sillykitty, @matt, @sheribear68, @AZHiker (don't know why these aren't highlighting) and so many others!!
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    Feeling sorry for myself Today

    You have been through a LOT! Physically and emotionally. Your body needs time to heal from all this trauma, so please try to not be so hard on yourself. You feel crappy. That's OK. Now just get better and heal. Your emotions will heal as your body heals. Find some fun stuff - puzzles, NetFlix binge, a good book, and hunker down and just baby yourself for a while. (But don't forget to walk!!!! You don't need a blood clot on top of all this.) You should be getting some nice weather about now so hopefully you can get out a bit and enjoy the fresh air. Hang in there!!!!
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    Changes in relationships PO

    I've gotten the cold shoulder from my sis-in-law. She has gained some weight in the past couple of years, and I think my weight loss has threatened her in some way. I never mention it and she is the only relative who has not commented or asked questions about how I lost weight. A couple of overweight co-workers are acting the same way. I honestly down play my weight loss, I never bring it up to anyone, and I do not believe I treat anyone any differently, but I definitely see some changes in the attitudes of others.
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    Before and after photos
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    Anyone NOT track their calories?

    I don't track calories or weigh food and was never told to by the surgeon or the bariatric nurse. I was just told to 'eat small, eat healthy'. I keep a food diary and record my weight weekly, but that's all. Food doesn't control me any more, so I don't want to spend more time thinking about it than I do currently. It's just there when I need it.