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Son of a Biscuit



It's been a son of a biscuit few weeks. At work we have converted to a new software system and I am trying to learn it all the while, trying to make sure we are ready to start school in a month with 2500 kids and two campuses. This ain't easy!!


I go home from work with a head ache and high BP each day. The only thing I want is a nap. For about two months now I have weighed between 187-189, daily weigh in. My NUT told me not to worry about it right now, that stress is keeping me from losing and right now my goal should be to maintain during this stressful time and then once things calm down I can start working toward losing again.

My hubs tells me to go home and work out each day. He has been hitting the elliptical and weights hard the last few weeks and has dropped 2 lbs - proud of my boy! I know I to need to get back to exercise, without it further weight loss will not happen. I have never been a lover of working out, I rather work at something- yard work, cleaning ect. When I lived on the farm there was always work to be done- garden to pick, yard to mow and clean, feilds to work, cows to deal with, ect. Now as I live in the city my little .27 of an acre isn't keeping me as busy as the 100 acre farm I was raised on.


I know must find some way to enjoy and maintain an exercise regiment. We have an elliptical and a total gym in our home and a greenway behind our house. I have no excuse, yet I always seem to find one.


This week I am trying to go back to the basics. No eating out, eating clean and healthy. Also, I want to hit the elliptical at least 3 times this week.


While I am proud of myself that during this 13 month journey I have managed not to gain, that isn't good enough. I still have about 45 lbs that I want gone. I will get there, just don't know when.


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You will definitely get there!!

I've never been a fan of exercise, either. In fact I historically avoid it like the plague lol. Like you, I much prefer to actually "do" something. For instance, mowing the lawn is my job and I actually (oddly) enjoy it. The cool part is, according to my pedometer, I walk almost 2 miles when I mow it, too. I also do all the weeding, hedge trimming, etc.

I think that's why my main form of exercise has always been walking. I actually enjoy walking. I live in a really awesome spot for it too so that helps a lot. There's a lot of wooded paths and beautiful scenery. Because I enjoy it it's never a chore and I never feel like "ugh, I have to go walk a couple miles now". I look forward to my daily 2+ mile walks and get bummed when I can't for some reason.

Perhaps that's what you need to find- something you truly enjoy doing?

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Missy, I agree I must find something I enjoy. While I do like to walk, I fear walking the trail behind the house along- there was a bear spotted on it a couple weeks ago. I don't do bears!!!

Also, I have asthma, while it is better since losing 60lbs, it isn't gone. The extreme heat days and the extreme cold days = attacks for me.

I guess I better form a loving relationship with the elliptical.

I to love to mow my lawn - push mow it. I love working in my garden, but at this point it doesn't need me with the monsoon's we have had here in NC.

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LOL a bear? Dear Lord, I freak out if we see a fox. I think I'd cry if I saw a bear!

I have problems with the extreme temp days, too. Heat makes MS go into an immediate flare. It's actually kinda weird. I can be just fine, walk outside into the heat, and be instantly a mess. Dizzy, weak, and every single MS symptom I have is suddenly increased tenfold. But, the minute I go back into the A/C, I'm almost instantly fine. Extreme cold makes me really sore- my muscles spasm really bad and my whole body just aches.

In fact, we just hit a heat wave here. It totally sucks because I'm now house bound because of it.

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I'm not a big lover of exercise either. We have a treadmill in the house and I rarely get on it. But I do every now and again. I have osteo so I could only do water aerobics but since I have lost 80 pounds, I decided to try and ride the bicycle. Something I used to do a lot before gaining all that weight. To my surprise I can actually ride. Wow! What a feeling. I ride just about everyday. I guess what I'm trying to say is, maybe the elliptical is not for you. Try and figure out what other exercise you like and just do it. I'm an educator too so I understand what you mean regarding the stress of trying to get things up and running so that is why it is important to find something to help eleviate the stress. Good luck and just make up your mind and do it.

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Yep, Missy a big black bear. I am sure he was just passing through, but I'd rather give him a wide birth. We are use to seeing raccoons and other creatures, but a bear is to much.

Just hit the elliptical for 30 min and got 1.5 miles. Not to bad since it's been months since I've been on it. Sang my way through the 30 min. Now sobbing wet from sweat, but feel like I could tackle the world. Glad I did it. Now just to hit the other days.

Thanks for the support.

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