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When ever and what ever journey you take your are often inspired to take it by someone or something.


I was inspired to have WLS due to several friends having it and having great results. Once banded I have been inspired by people right here on this site- Carolina Girl has done amazing, Missy Wowzer what a awesome job, AJ beautiful!! There are many others, but these are those that I look to and always want to read what they have to say, because I relate to them and are inspired by them and their words. Yeah some times my toes get steped on, but that means they are getting to me and will help me.


In the 1 year time period I have had my band I went from 244 to 187. Yeah, people have lost twice that much in the same time period, but I didn't. I am a little jealous, would love to have done better, but I am me and am where I am and I am working on it. My journey brings to mind a song that the little kids at my church use to sing and it inspires me:


"I am a promise, I am a possibility, I am a great big bundle of potentiality" - That line make me smile, because I know I have the possiblity and the potential to do whatever I set my mind to. It inspires me to work hard to get the things I want, like getting to goal.


We all have to get our inspiration to work hard and continue the journey on the rough days from somewhere and something- there are people all around me that give me this. My hubs, the three amazing ladies above who inspire me with their post even if they don't know it, my mom who is always telling me how proud she is, my friends who are proud, and my body that feels better and doesn't get winded when I run up my stair case in my house.


While I was lucky I never reached the point of having diffulity walking, I was getting there. My knees were begining to have pain. My ankles, both of which have been broken multiple times were crying out for me to lose weight. I am glad I finally was inspired to do this last year and I am thankful for all the place and people that inspire me to contiue this journey each and every day.


Look around you today find your inspirations and smile- hold on to them so on a dark day you can whip 'em out and keep movin'.

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kime, you are losing (according to your body)

i lost more than you because i was a bigun...you my dear

are a success NOW...you are healthier, your attitude rocks

and you encourage/support people..that is what inspires me..

this is for you:


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You are an inspiration to me for what you have lost and for what you have just blogged here! Wow...I agree that there are great role models here (especially for a not yet banded, still learning, still worrying person....like me!)....I'm adding you to my small list of people who are inspiring me from this forum and helping me already and im not yet even banded!

So thanks and keep up the great work!!

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I just saw this post- thank you so much for the kind words! <3

But like I tell others all the time about my weight loss- it's heck of a lot easier to dump the weight when you start at 400+ pounds. Weight seriously just melts off when you're that morbidly obese. These days, I'm lucky to lose 6-8 pounds a month. It's really all relative to how much you have to lose and how big you were when you started.

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