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Lapband system-dietary guidelines

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I hope this is helpfull.Recovery

Here are some key points for your recovery in the first few days and weeks.

  • First Days
    • You can expect some soreness, especially where the access port is, but it should subside (Please call your surgeon if the pain persists after a few days).
    • To prevent infection, your surgeon may tell you not to shower for a day or so after surgery.
    • Try to walk as much as you can comfortably, so that you'll regain strength and prevent blood clots, but take it slowly.

    [*]First Week(s)

    • During the first week after surgery, allow yourself to recover and get plenty of rest.
    • In about a week, you should be able to return to work, provided it's not physically demanding.
    • For more physically active jobs, allow yourself two to three weeks to recover.
    • Within four to six weeks, you should be able to resume all normal activity and start a new exercise program. Note: Before engaging in any physical activity or exercise program, first consult your surgeon. Click here to learn more about Exercise Guidelines
    • Many surgeons see their patients weekly or biweekly during the first month after surgery, so you will be sure your recovery is going well, and have any questions answered.

Dietary Guidelines

  • After surgery, you'll need a new nutrition plan. You'll learn about the positive changes you can and need to make in your diet and lifestyle from your surgeon and/or dietitian. It's very important to follow your new eating and drinking instructions beginning immediately after the surgery.
  • In the first few weeks after your LAP-BAND® System surgery, you will be on a liquid diet since only thin liquids will be tolerated by your stomach at that time. As you heal, you will gradually progress to pureed foods (three to four weeks post-op) and then soft foods (five weeks post-op). Finally, after about six weeks, you will be able to eat solid foods.

  • The First Few Days Post-Surgery
    • It's extremely important to follow the eating and drinking instructions immediately after the surgery. This allows your new stomach pouch to heal completely and the LAP-BAND® System to stay in the right position.
    • In the early weeks, it's crucial not to stretch the small stomach pouch above the LAP-BAND® System. Vomiting will do this, while also increasing the chance of stomach tissue slipping up through the band.
    • Right after the surgery, you can take an occasional sip of Water or suck on an ice cube. Don't take any more liquid than this, though.
    • The day after the operation, you can take a little more Fluid but only a small amount at a time. Besides Water, you should also choose Clear Liquids that have an adequate number of calories. To prevent nausea and vomiting, do not drink too much.

    [*]liquid diet (1-2 weeks post-surgery)

    • Your goal during the first few weeks is to protect the small stomach pouch so that you can heal properly. It can only tolerate thin liquids at this time. It's also important to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water (small amounts at a time).
    • Other liquids recommended during this phase include:

    [*]Pureed Foods (3-4 weeks post-surgery)

    • Now, you can start adding slightly textured foods. Think of the consistency of baby foods. This stage will help you transition to more solid foods later.
    • Protein is very important for maintaining muscle while you lose weight. So, you should eat protein-rich foods first, and then move on to fruits and vegetables.
    • Foods in this stage may include:
      • pureed skinless chicken or fish
      • mashed potatoes
      • peas
      • low-fat yogurt or pudding

      [*]Please note: In the first few weeks you may be able to eat foods that might not be allowed in your diet later, because they may contain too many calories.

      [*]Remember, it's more important in the first few weeks to let your stomach adjust to the LAP-BAND® System than it is to lose weight. Also, your personal timing and progression into each dietary phase depends on your progress. In general, when it comes to your nutrition, you should follow the advice of your surgeon and/or dietitian.

    [*]Soft Foods (5 weeks post-surgery)

    • Your meals can now include tender, cooked foods like fish and ground turkey.
    • Now that you can chew, make it a habit to chew foods well.
    • If you have dentures, be sure to cut your food into small pieces and chew your food thoroughly. By not chewing properly, you may experience vomiting, stomach irritation and swelling. You could also have stoma obstruction (obstruction of the stomach opening created by the LAP-BAND® System).
    • Some products like bread, red meat, and rice may still cause you problems, so it is better to eat softer foods that are easier to digest. These might include foods such as moist white meat (chicken or pork) and fish.
    • If solid foods cause any nausea and vomiting, go back to the liquid diet you had earlier. Then you can slowly add soft foods and eventually transition to solid foods.
    • Always ask your doctor or dietitian for advice that is specific to you. Again, remember that vomiting may increase the incidence of band slippage, stomach slippage, or stretching of the small stomach pouch above the LAP-BAND®.

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Outstanding posting, but as usual the standard rule of thumb is to follow your Dr. orders would be the only thing that I would add.

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