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My Incredible Lapband Journey - a work in progress

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I have known about lap band surgery for many years but have always made the comment that it wasn't something I would attempt til y head was in the right place. I am a compulsive overeater and didn't get to my pre-op weight by eating salads and jogging 5k a day.

The fisrst photo is on the morning of my surgery nad the 'current' one is from 11th June - about 8 weeks down the track - must get something more current as I have lost another 20lbs since then! This is the NEW me photo - the photos are great to keep your head in shape when you have those days where you beat yourself up!!

I have battled my weight all my life - the first diet I remember was at 11. I have lost numerous pounds on numerous occasions but always managed to find them and a few of their mates to come along for the ride. At my pre-op weight it was starting to affect my lifestyle - at 330 I manage work and everything I had to do, at 370 I was in a bad way. My health was OK but sugar and cholesterol were getting to the high end of OK.

Last year around October I made the decision to get a referral and see a specialist. Did all the pre op stuff - Xrays, scans, pschologist, sleep tests and dietician. When I went to my surgeon, I felt like the biggest failure - WHY COULDN"T I DO THIS RIGHT!!! - he was great - said this was the best decision I'd made. it was a tool and I still had to do the work.

I cancelled surgery twice, as I still couldn't come to terms with it. Finally caved and asked my husband to take time off work and come with me while I had it done - I couldn't do it alone.

So on 2nd April I had my lapband done and a gall bladder removed -all went incredibly well - no pain at all and without a doubt the best decision I have made in my life.

I have had 4 fills - 3/1/1/0.5 and am now at a place where if I eat more than I should it doesn't stay put - only got the extra 0.5 last Thurs - it's now for real because if I eat to much/too quickly/too big a piece....well I won't describe the consequences!!!

I am still morbidly obese but there are days I feel like a million dollars. I enjoy my husband's attention as my weight had gotten to the point were I repulsed myself - my caring, 'can eat anything' husband loved me no matter what - but it made little difference to me. There are other days I look in the mirror and see no progress. I still have to deal with my daily life without the aid of food - its a journey and some days a battle but I'm doing it.

Believe me when I say the best thing I ever did!!!!!!!

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Thanks for posting. This process is very physical AND mental. My surgery is on the 30th and I am trying to get in the right frame of mind. I just hope I don't sabotage this like I have every other diet I have been on. Here is to a healthier better life. :cursing:

You look great by the way!!:lol:

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Hey - you know it's a twofold process, you're at least aware that the head can still do you in. The lapband really has taken away my hunger and has made my mental state 'healthier', it probably has to do with it not seeming so pointless - the lbs are gone and in my mind never coming back, it's a different feeling - the food choices are still mine, small though they are. I am very aware that I can eat very little so it had want to be good for me!! I risk my health otherwise. Good luck on the 20th and keep reading this forum - it is such a positive and informative place to be!!

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