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I Got It that date!!!!!

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I got my surgery date! It is *drum roll please*

JUNE 26th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so exctied but yet SO scared!!!!!!!! I have not even ate all day because of my excitement and nervous-ness. I will need lots of support peoples seriously I know I can't back out they already go tmy check :rolleyes2: but even the more reason there is nothing to stand in my way now!!!!!!!

Ok so i got the gas X strips, and lots and lots of Water, and even Propel flavored water. Anything else oh heating pad I will pick up this weekend at Walmart. Anything else that any of you can share you have already piced up before surgery?!?!?!?!?

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Congratualtiosn on your date. Here's a list:



BBQ or Toilet tongs, for a good reach in the r.r.


Heating pad(12inx24in)


Flexible ice pack (hot/cold 12inx16in)


A few books or movies(your choice, I spent about 70.00us)


Squishy pillow for car ride for seatbelt (shoulder pad)


Make sure you have a good blender


Kitchen timer (first few days, sip every 15 mins)(analog)


Kitchen timer (digital – better for travelling)


Pedo-meter(depending on the one you get – don’t forget to adjust to your stride)



liquid Tylenol/Motrin (Check early in case pharmacy needs to order in advance)


chewable or liquid gas-x(I got strips, you will pay more than shown here)


Gauze Pads 4x4


Paper/bandage tape


Wet Wipes


Pill crusher


Chewable Vitamins


Hospital Medicine cups (I got 3oz/88ml cups – 100ct)


Cough Drops(Halls big box)


Stool Softener (Dr. asked me not to get this, if needed talk to him)


Moist and nice tasting Lip Balm(got chapstick – cherry – 2for deal)


food ITEMS:

Protein shakes(these vary from 22 – 55 dollars depending on quality and quantity)


Plenty of water(bottled Water for me 3cases 16oz. bottles 10.00)


broth or stuff to make broth(several flavors but all about the same cost)


sugar free popsicles


sugar free Jello


Sugar free breath mints (chewable)


Crystal Light "On the GO" assorted flavors(I don’t like CL so I got store brand/price per box)


Bouillon(several flavors but all about the same cost)


Cream of Wheat


Creamy Soups




FAT FREE yogurt


Soup-at-Hand - Soups - for creamy stage(on sale)


pudding cups (SF/FF) - helps w/ taking meds(got instant, more flavors, price per box)


Sugar free hot cocoa


Decaf tea(got regular, decaf is a little more in cost)



Loose fitting, easily removable(one size larger than I wear, sweats, top and bottom)


Buttons downs or pullover(sale rack found $5.00 per, one size larger)


Thong shoes/slip-on so no bending and tying(make sure they are a good pair)


Sports Bra! Sutures will be hurt by under wires(I have a daughter and wife that helped here)


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Congrats on getting your date, it won't be long now!

Great list, Blaze!

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WOW that is an awesome list . Where was this when I needed it ..

WOOT WOOT on the new date for Band land ..It will go by so fast and you are on a new journey .

Congratulations .

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Mine is the 25th. I loved the long shopping list so that I can better prepare. I am on the Optifast drinks and clear liquids...I can't decide if I am really hungry or I just want to eat. I am doing everything I can to stay away from food. Not to nervous about the surgery more excitement/delight/eagerness about afterwards.

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mine is also the 26th!!!!!!!!!1

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Congrats on the date. That is really soon, are you starting a pre-op diet tonight? I have my consult with surgeon on the 23rd and am hoping for a quick turn around also. Thanks for the shopiing list also, it was great. SC

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Good luck on the date!!!!!:rolleyes2:

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What kind of protien shakes and what exactly are they for I know i should know this!!!! THANK YOU FO RTHE LIST GOSH THAT WAS GREAT!!!!!

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i notice a lot of people drink crystal light? Why is that, just something other than Water? I like koolaid with splenda...would that be okay? And ice tea...that would be okay too?

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That list is wonderful....all you are missing is "getting the help you need to be at a healthy weight.....priceless"! Thank you for the list! Kimberly

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      Two days ago, I was sitting on a worn couch at the gym and I could feel the springs and count how many I was sitting on.  Told the Kid and she said she wants to find her childhood alphabet fridge magnets in the basement to spell out words and have me sit on them and do some "butt-braille-reading" 😂
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        HI-LAR-ious! I love your kid!!!

        Yeah, we all suffer from noassatall syndrome. :(

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        Yes. I think the spandex in jeans is the only thing that helps keep the sag below the pockets form looking ridiculous. Even leggings wrinkle there.

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        Ah, our disappearing collective butts.

        I am seriously considering changing my plastics plan. I am booked for an arm lift in December, but my summer obsession with arm exercises has improved the look of them quite a bit to the point that I think I may hate my butt more than my arms. Should I do a butt lift instead?!?! In conjunction with?!?!?

        I am trying to cultivate an obsession with butt exercises but its not working so far...

      4. 2Bsmaller18

        I don't think you could do both at the same time. For me personally it's arms. I have granny wrinkles down to my elbows. I can always dover my body with tshirts, pants, etc but unless I wear long sleeves my arms are an issue. I also can't wear a small enough jacket since it fits everywhere but too tight in the arms. They measure around 13.5 inches. Can you compromise and get the smaller arm lift. I don't know if that saves much $ or recovery but if your arms improved that much maybe just a tweek will work?

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      On the 3 week plateau from hell.. It seems like an endless desert with sand dunes that represent the 1-2 pounds gain then dropped from day to day. Met with my weight loss group tonight and was told its normal. That this is sometimes like a step, plateau then drop, plateau then drop. Only for the plateau's to go on longer the farther away from the surgery date I get. Much like EDM, I can't wait for the drop. 
      On top of it all, I lost my ass. Seriously.. its gone. All that cushion that I enjoyed lounging on eating what ever I ate, watching what ever was on the computer or tv... is gone. That glorious support system is vamoosed. I know this because my ass (tailbone) hurts all the time. I'm sitting on bone now and its sore. I am my own literal Pain in the Ass! (My family would say whats new, but who cares about them.. my butt hurts.) I have yet to bring a pillow with me everywhere I go to sit on, but I'm getting ready to as I sit for my job working on computers. So far losing the weight is a Pain. I hope it gets better. 
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        Hang in there, the plateau will end eventually. Also I feel you on the butt thing.

      2. FluffyChix

        I have a butt pillow. I'm not proud. :D

        The plateaus suck!!!! Keep the faith and motor on!

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      In a bit of a stall right now.   267-269 lbs the past week.   Almost wrote that as "367-369".   
      Still 158 lbs. lighter than my heaviest.
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      I am 7 weeks post op (GVS) so far I've lost 24 lbs since surgery. but for the last 2 weeks I have been at a STALL (i've lost no weight but still loosing inches).   My dietitian states I'm doing everything correct and to continue.  Anyone have experience with stalls if so how long does it last?
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