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NJ June 2008 Chat

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Hi folks, just poppin' in to say hello....i'm not gonna linger tho'...i caught a crummy cold and feel like crap :lol:

Pat, son's been out of the house for 'bout a year now. He's 23.

Yep wedding bells! should be may '09. small, inexpensive, outdoors at park's rose garden. That was their idea ...They know there's not a lot of money to work with so they are trying to be as frugal and sensible as they can....not to worry folks, it's gonna be alright, we told them we'll help them make it special.

AchooooooooOOOOooo!, UGH! gonna sign off here...love ya guys!

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Good Morning Y'all!

Diane - Sorry you feel so yucky! Stay in bed and get well!

I like the smaller weddings, it's so much more personal and stress is not as crazy!

I am so glad it is a short week, although I feel like I have worked a month straight! I am really tired this morning, and I need to get my arse in the shower and wake up!

Only two more days to get through! Then it's work at home, but that's not so bad since I don't have to get dressed up to do it. lol

Well going to get off here and get ready for the day.


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Betty, you're one party throwing gal, always busy too.

Kat, where are you? Hope you're ok.

Well gals, I've been meaning to tell ya, the ps wants to redo my reduction and do implants to give me the lift I need/want. Plus, he's going to re-lipo my underarm area and a puffy area in my tummy. He wants $1,000.00 addl for the implants alone, plus another 1700 to do them, plus the OR and the anesthes fee. If I get my eyelids done at the same time, total cost will be another $6700.00. That's with "no charge" for the redo of the lypo and the redo of the reduction.

I don't think he should charge for the implant install at all, since I left it upto him to do the implants if he couldn't give me the lift and firmness I was looking for. Not sure what I'm going to do at this point, I just know I'm very disappointed with the boobs.

Later gals

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    • Hesitant but hopeful

      Hey October Surgery friends...how are you doing? I've lost 15 lbs since surgery on 18th.42 lbs overall. Wearing clothes that feel great. Had a bout of cold and stomach flu and still having some nausea off and on after that but getting better, I think. 
      Seems like I fill up and have minor pain quicker when I eat hot foods rather than cold. Anyone else notice this?
      Still sooo glad I did this.
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      1. Bettyboop56

        I had surgery Oct 29. Lost 35#. Plateau now. But seeing what clothes fit now is encouraging.

      2. Bettyboop56

        My surgery was 10/19. #40 down since surgeon pre op visit. Getting close to end of soft foods. I think only issue going to regular foods is portion size. So far trying a new food every day. With no issues.

    • Merri Beth  »  SamaLotus

      Hi I just saw that you are in Las Vegas too. We are going to the same center. Dr Laduc in same office as Dr Atkinson, is doing my sleeve on Nov. 28th.  I wish you the best!
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    • Jessica100858

      24 days and counting down til surgery 
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    • Bunny78

      Just over 2 weeks post-op….I’m getting there
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    • Voogs  »  KimA-GA

      always look forward to your updates, Hope you are well.
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