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NJ June 2008 Chat

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Donna, I soooooooooooo remember that feeling!!!! Having those numbers looming large over my head, about getting in all those grams of Protein...and not wanting to have anything, especially not that!!!! I made myself take small sips and try to get the Protein in as best as I could. I didn't like the taste, but I knew that if I managed to get this protein in and heal-up, I could start shopping for all the other flavors, until maybe I'd find one that was at least bearable, lol!

I found that every day that passed, I was able to increase the grams per day, and felt good about it ('tho it still wasn't the best tasting!). there's plenty of time to find the Protein drinks that you can handle, over some of the others. I tried some of those liquid bullets from GNC, that Kat mentioned. She's right about the high amount of protein for such a small amount of liquid....you could certainly give that a shot, as they come in a variety of flavors.

I finally settled on two varieties of powdered Protein Drinks to keep my gram intake up (even now). One is "Isopure" powder, the flavor: cookies-'n-cream....not bad. the other is "Procomplex" powder, chocolate flavor. For the past several months now, I mix the Water with a few frozen strawberries in the blender, the I add the Protein Powder (I add it last because it 'froths-up' real quick). I pour this into 2 plastic bottles (water bottles will do). That gives me almost 90 a day, one for Breakfast, then one usually around 2:30. The rest I augment with the "real food" Proteins. I know you're still weeks from adding food yet, I just wanted to give you an idea, on a daily basis, of what works for me (to get that much protein in), and sometimes a day or even an entire weekend will go by without doing the protein....and ya know, it's not fatal! LOL! You manage to get back on schedule.

Oops! didn't mean to make this so lengthy. It really does get easier :)

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Hey gals,

I just got home from our beach house and walked into my bedroom, it's 78 and climbing, my ac has stopped working and the on call service guy said he had a long day and he'd be out tomorrow. I sure am glad I'm only on year 6 of my 10 year warranty :). The unit outside is not working, but the fan through the airhandler was working and now it has quit. Sounds expensive.

My pool is in at the beach, just full of yucky Water, waiting for the electrician to hook up the pumps. It was so hot there, a pool would have been nice.

Donna, I'm telling you those smoothies with the rice Protein are not bad at all, especially with frozen fruit using the "magic bullet" ....BLENDER, LOL

It's late, so I'll catch the rest of ya's tomorrow, nitie nite.

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Good mornin' all,

Thought I'd jump in here for a minute, before I need to get going. Today I'm going to a bridal shop to see my future DIL try on gowns, along with her younger sister & mother, should be interesting & I'm hoping a little fun too :lol:

Pat, I hope that AC repair tech is able to get your AC working ASAP!!!!! As you know, it was 101 yesterday in Williamsburg :tt2:......today, probably another 100 degree day! It's gonna be fantastic when your new pool at the beach is usable!!! How exciting...to have a pool at the beach house!!!!

Alright Eileen, it's the weekend.......been waitin' t hear from ya :) How's your week been going?

I'll check in later tonight. Have a great day everybody!!!

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Hi Girls

Here's a new member of our family ... Emma :tt2: She's a sheltie/collie mix, 1 year old (in heat oy vey) but very sweet.

Wow, there's alot going on here, forgive me for not addressing everyone.

Donna welcome to bandland.... enjoy the ride :lol:

Pat !! virginia ROFL !!!!

Sherry... I've been having terrrrrrrrible acid reflux for the past few months (well really longer) and been reading up on it. I went to bed bath and beyond ((((formerly called bed bitches and beyond LOL))))) and got this bedwedge. It took 2 nights to get used to but IT WORKS !!!!!!! for me that is. You might want to try it. Bed Bath & Beyond Product

Last night I didn't sleep with it and I was pratically choking in my sleep most of the night. I love this thing.

Anyway.... its nice to see you all so chatty. Nothing is new here, cept Emma. I have to puppy proof my kitchen today and get Emma's arse in a flea bath, she's biting to much. Then its off to the pet store for toys she can chew other than my DD's stuff LOL.

Tonight its off to the carnival and fireworks :)

Have a great day chicklets.... love yah !!!



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Hey everyone, I continue to do well after surgery. The only real problem I have is eating all that crap I am not hungry and I haven't been able to find Protein shakes/goods that are real enticing. I'm supposed to get in about 100 grams of Protein a day. It's only been a couple of days, but I can only get in about 35 grams or so without gagging. Any suggestions? Mushy food is starting to sound appealing. lol

I'm open to suggestions fellow bandsters! :tt2:

My protein goal is at least 50 gms. So 100 sounds like a lot! Mushy was not allowed for me until day 11. I like the Designer whey chocolate shakes. I use 1 1/2 scoops with 6 oz milk, splenda, and a dash of light Hershey Syrup. It packs in 33 grams with one shake and its pretty good! I'm still doing this for Breakfast because I'm not in the mood to eat solid food in the morning.

Hang in there!


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Good Morning Gals

AC is all fixed, it was a capacitor, had one on the truck and fixed, thank goodness for that 10 year warranty, parts and labor, only 4 years left though.

Diane, they're calling for storms again tonight and we're spending the night on the Grady..YIKES. I've never slept on a boat before, AND the night is not over yet, LOL. First sign of lightening and I'll probably be banging on some-body's door at the hotel across the beach. I've got to pack, the only thing I know to take is toilet paper and paper towels. Any suggestions anyone?

Donna, how's day 3? Have you hit that, OMG, what was I thinking, what have I done stage yet, LOL! If and when you do, it will pass, did you get the magic bullet yet? Frozen fruit and some rice Protein, some ice, and a little light orange juice and a great tasting smoothy.

Eileenie, cute puppy, glad it's yours :tt2:.

Trish, how's your journey? You doing ok?

OK, gotta get in gear.

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Zoiks didn't realized I miss so many posts.

Reflux....well I took the prilosec prescription two nights and both nights slept that was last weekend. Since then I've been up every night with this crap. Some nights I"m coughing like crazy and my chest hurts from the acid other days, I cough a little, take a tums and I'm able to sleep. Craziness! Of course...TOM has been here all week so I don't know if that made it worse or not...so now I'm playing head games with myself. OK now that TOM is almost done...maybe it will go away again and I don't have to worry. So we'll see...if it keeps up again next week (as if a few months hasn't been enough) I'll call my doc and see if she'll prescribe the Aciphex. I'm going to tell her about my banded friends who have had success with it. MAYBE she'll remember I have the freaking band in the first place instead of me having to remind her yet again and believe me and let me try it. All I can say is reflux sucks and it really does make me worry about my esophogus (did I spell that right? don't wanna check lol being a rebel). Cripe one morning at 3am I woke my DH up with all the freaking coughing and choking and I was practically in tears over it. He was concerned and I chopped his head of saying I'm sick of this and I'm getting ready to have it ripped out. Poor man...he didn't deserve it but, he did the right thing, rolled over and went to sleep lol. naturally I got over it and I really don't want this taken out because you know what people...........as much as I'd like to say I have this weight thing under control and I've learned so much....I haven't. Its all my fault, I"m the only one raising my hand or fork to my mouth and I'm the one sitting on my ars in front of this computer since early this morning only occassionally getting up to switch laundry or clean. If I have this taken out I'll be as big as a house again :( Sad but true so I need to get this reflux under control so I can concentrate on the other things that will get me to goal. Its difficult right now to eat right because nothing sits right in my stomach BLECK. Anywho...enough of my ranting and raving...geesh maybe I belong in that thread huh? Cripe too afraid to post in there after all I've read. People really aren't very nice in there most of the time it's sad. Ok ok enough of this crappyola from me hahaha

Last night took a friend out for his 40th birthday with his wife and my DH. We had a blast..one of those places where they cook the food on the table in front of you. Sirloin and chicken for me and took more than half of it home. The others ate all theirs. (Hmmm ya think my band is working?) Had a drink...some peach something or other...man it hit me pretty hard. Naturally I can't drink and eat at the same time (I guess I did learn a little something lol) so I drank it all first. Wooooozie for me after that but, fun hahaha. Wowza great time, great mean....big bill I'll be paying for for a while. Oh well..won't be doing that anytime soon but, DH and I really love these two and they've been going through a hard time with some stuff so getting them out was well worth it. They'd be the people who would drop everything to help us too...nice to have those kind of people in your life. Anyway...my point...after that great fun, drink and meal...got home and upchucked just about all of it. Something didn't sit right..probably the alcohol I"m not used to drinking and then eating so quickly after it. ZOIKs it was ugly. I swear I broke blood vessels in my face and I was seeing stars and once I started I couldn't stop. Cripe! Haven't thrown up that hard in a while. yuck but, saved on some calories huh?

Jetti - I LOVE to bake but, eating cake and brownies doesnt' always agree with me. I think what I'm noticing lately or what I'm wondering is....is every time I feel sick caused from white floured things? Does that make sense people? Anyone?

So...I have this DVD Hip Hop Abs someone let me borrow WEEKS ago. (Poor girl hope she wasn't expecting me to use it right away ugh) I promised her I would use it today. She's been good trying to get me moving. She's a coach on Beachbody, think I mentioned it before. Anyway since I promised I always keep my promise so I'll do that today and let you folks know how it is :angry:

Betty - July 4th party sounds like fun actually. Wish I could make a trip to TX :) I wish I could meet you folks I really do. I love you all lots and you're always so supportive...THANK YOU EVERYONE.

yea...I'm going through something huh? I think it's the lack of sleep lol Up and down...hormones are wacked too. I'm still upbeat...but beat myself up. Make sense? Zoiks need to get off this thing before I depress ya all.

ok.......trying to Psych myself up to do this HIP HOP chit hahaha. Now if the music is cool that will help.......say a prayer for me folks hahahaha

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Good Morning Y'all!

I am going to try this again. I reported to Alex that I was having problems so maybe it won't happen again.

Pat - Glad you got your AC fixed! It is miserable when something like that happens. Did you go to the doctor? What did he say?

Diane - It has been 100 here too, but in my back yard with the pool, it is about 20 degrees cooler. We spent most of the day out there yesterday.

Donna - I use EAS 100% whey Protein. It has 23g of Protein in it, only 1g sugar, and 120 calories. I have both vanilla and chocolate. I use vanilla and add fresh fruit with milk and it's really yummy. I also use the chocolate and make it like chocolate milk or add Peanut Butter or banana to it and it's good too. I have gotten several band buddies using it and they also like it. I got mine at costco, but I think they sell it most places. I think they make it pre made too, but I like to do my own.

Kat - Are you all healed up now?

Sherry - Boy, sounds like you are having all kinds of problems. Stay on the meds for a while, and maybe do 24 hours of liquids to heal up a little before eating solids again.

Eileen - Glad you found a new fur baby! He is very cute! How was the fire works?

It rained here last night, and it's headed our way today again. We need it so I won't complain.

Going to post this before I lose it again.

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Thanks ladies for all the worthwhile advice. I'm doing fine and I'll keep experimenting with the different flavors until I find something palatable.

Diane and Kat- I bought a few of those Protein shots. It really is an easier way to get in more Protein while on liquids. I just pretend it's a shot of liquor, and it goes right down. :wink_smile: (by the way, when can you drink after surgery?)

Pat and Betty- I have my bullet. I am anxious to experiment with it more. I don't know that I can have fruits in it yet. That zero butt nutritionist was very anti fruit for some reason; I think the sugars. I'll pick up the whey stuff. I just wish you could buy small portons of some of this stuff so you can find what you like without so much waste. Peanut Butter sounds really good, too! (It's amazing to me what sounds good right now)

Sherry- sorry you are still suffering so much with the reflux. I am still taking my nexium and haven't had any problems yet. Of course that may change after I get my first fill.

I have become surprised at how much my day had revolved around food. I knew it to a point, but I am having some trouble keeping busy without having to plan for food. Sounds sick I know. Well, we have to give a dinner party tomorrow night for my stepson's future in laws who will be in town. I am practically mourning the fact I can't eat! It is ridiculous that I have been this addicted. DH is making steak and baked potatoes on the grill so I have little to fix. However, it's not even like I am hungry; I just want to eat! I'm trying to take the time now to sort some of this out so I can recognize it for what it is.

I'm open to any coping suggestions.

Thanks for listening,


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Good morning girls,

Donna, I'm so glad you're doing well. You surely picked the wrong time to do all that entertaining, LOL. We were at Yorktown Saturday night, we spent the night on our boat, we tied up at the new pier. It was something we'd never done. We should do it on a Friday night when they have entertainment, but at $60 a night, just to tie off and plug into electric, that's a little pricey.

Diane, I think I'll be here on the 3rd, what time is your appt? Future DIL, OMG, I had no idea your son was engaged. How old is he anyway? When's the wedding? I've got a beautiful dress you can borrow for the wedding, it's ivory. Does that mean he'll be moving out, LOL.

Sherry, how's the reflux? That's so strange that it just started all of a sudden. Have you tried sleeping a little elevated? Sherry, I'm right there with you, as far as losing my band, I know I'd start eating all the foods are that I don't eat now, especially bread, YIKES. I watch other people when we're dining out and it's amazing the size of bites people take and the type of food they order. Back to the reflux, have you tried liquids for more than a day, maybe a few days. My mom had a swollen esophagus and had to take meds, plus do liquids, until she cleared up. Oh yeah, she had to have a complete unfill as well, oh my, which was still better than losing the band.

Betty, how was the ride yesterday? No check in this AM!

Jetti, I guess you're on your way to having a great time, you go girl!

Kat, what are you up to? Rodeo over?

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just popping in to say HI!!!

hope all you wonderful ladies are doing great!

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Hi Y'all!

Well, I peeked in this morning but nobody was here so I just went to work.

My ride was wonderful yesterday. I don't know why, but it just felt really free riding all alone. lol I was definately more aware of my surroundings! I think I let my dh worry about a bunch of that when he is leading, but when it's just me, I really pay attention.

I got the deck all stained after work yesterday, but was so dang tired I just wanted to go to bed! that was a lot of work to do after working for 8 hours! I still had to come in and fix some supper too. Tonight I took it easy! lol I stopped at the store and came home and cooked a simple supper and that was it.

Jessica - what is the count down now?????

Donna - Glad things are going good for you.

Diane - Wedding bells? Does that mean you are gearing up for a big wedding?

Pat - Glad you enjoyed your night on the boat. Did you take everything you needed?

Sherry - How is the reflux going? Did you try liquids?

Well, I know I probably missed someone, but I am beat and I am going to get the kitchen cleaned up and go to bed. I have tons to do this week to get ready for the party on Friday.

Catch you later!

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