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Dehydration, Back Pain, and #2 Issues

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Hi! My daughter (22 yo) and I just had the sleeve this month. Hers was 3/4 and mine was 3/11. Our healing process has been so different and while I’m moving right along, she’s had a set back with hydration and pooping. I’m curious if anyone else has had these issues and how you’ve overcome them so that I can help her.

She didn’t poop for about two weeks, so under the care of our doctor, did a Fleet enema. That helped some that day but by that point, she was dehydrated. She ended up in the hospital Monday night and received fluids. Yesterday was a little better but still struggling to get in liquids (forget protein/food). This morning, she had sharp back pain again so I’ve started having her drink the four little 1 ounce cups again so that I can help her better monitor what she’s actually drinking. Also making sure she takes her Prilosec and Miralax. Added in Smooth Move tea. Heating pad on back. Encouraging her to walk but this has been hard because she feels so bad. Oh, and she’s complaining about the drinks hurting her throat going down (the stuck feeling) but the CT scan showed she’s fine.

Anybody else have a setback like this? Any other suggestions?


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These things can & do happen. Constipation is often an ongoing issue for many of us at least until we’re eating a broader range of food like vegetables & fruit. Try adding a soluble fibre to a drink, shake, Soup, yoghurt, or similar to help. I used to take a stool softener if I hadn’t gone for three days to keep on top of it. Remember too you’re not actually eating that much so you don’t have much to actually poop out especially in the first couple of months. So don’t expect to go every day.

Meeting or being close to your daily Fluid goal is extremely important because of dehydration. Sip, sip, sip. I still drink during the night to ensure I reach mine. (Have a drink whenever I wake.) Your throat can be swollen for a little while after the surgery though it does generally pass in a couple of days. Do mention it to your surgeon when you go for your check up if it’s soon otherwise give them a call. Try drinks at different temperatures in the meantime. Many of us found warm or Hot Drinks more soothing than cool or cold drinks. And again sip slowly.

Also remember we all heal & recover in our own way & time. This is a pretty major surgery & some take a little longer or can experience some challenges with certain aspects like hitting fluid or Protein goals, or experience a little more surgical pain, have more gas pain, take a little longer to get their strength back, tolerate or not tolerate certain flavours, textures, smells, etc. Like your weight loss, your recovery may be a bit erratic. Easier today, but tomorrow not as much, then the next day is okay. Look back over a week to better see your progress. You can be sure that it does get better & easier in time.

All the best.

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