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What do you eat in a day 3+ years out?

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Hi All!

Summary: I'm bored of my go to meals. What healthy options do you love?

Detail: I am almost 3 years out and have put on a few pounds from my low - 155 to 170 at 5'10. I think I'm still in the normal "bounce back" gain range but I want to make sure I stop any further gain.

I work out pretty heavy: 3 days of HiiT, 1 day hiking, 1 day yoga plus daily dog walks. I had stopped tracking all my food but started back up and I am around 2000 calories a day which with exercise seems to be right (when I am tracking and staying there my weight stopped moving).

My challenge is I tend to eat 3 meals plus an afternoon snack and I am looking for lower calories, lean Protein options. I tend to like one pot or casserole type meals v. a piece of meat and side dish but I am open to any thoughts!

For those of you curious, a regular day for me may be:

  • Breakfast: coffee w/ half and half and Green smoothie (with protein, frozen fruit & frozen spinach)
  • Lunch: chicken salad
  • Snack: Greek yogurt with Keto granola
  • Dinner: Ground chicken tacos with carb conscious tortilla's


  • Breakfast: Coffee w/ half and half and 2 eggs on an english muffin
  • Lunch: Chef salad
  • Snack: Premier Protein shake
  • Dinner: Au gratin vegetables casserole with chicken dinner sausage

I may also have dessert which is usually sugar free jello/sugar free Jello pudding made with Fairlife skim milk

Thanks for sharing!


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I'm not quite 3 years out yet (that'll be next month), but there isn't a 'typical' day for me. I used the weight loss phase to get into a new mindset and learn to eat in a sustainable way. Which is what I do. I eat around 1600-2000 calories depending on the day (but only count calories if my weight goes up past what I allow myself, i.e my comfortable zone). I'm 188 right now and as long as I'm still in the 180's I'm okay (if it goes into the 190's I start counting calories. I put on some weight after starting a med for my Trigeminal Neuralgia and was only able to lose about half of what I put on, but I figure that's probably the normal weight gain I heard you gain in your second year anyway so I just shrug it off or try to, anyway). What I ate today:

Breakfast: Granola bar & 2 Caramel Rice Cakes

Snack: No Sugar Added Mandarin Orange fruit Cup

Lunch: Leftover chicken Fetticini

Snack: Protein Shake

Dinner: Turkey Potato Skillet

I just had blood work done and my blood work is almost perfect (have low sodium, but that's due to my anti-anxiety meds. They told me to drink more lol).

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same as above: after weight loss phase, i don't really have a typical day of eating...it varies wildly from day to day.

i do still track my calorie intake, but more so just out of habit. i generally average about 1800-2000 calories a day. some days less some days more. i do moderate exercise, and a 5'2" female. also managed to stay below goal weight this entire time with how and what i eat so im def grateful for that.

oh, and i'm a little over 4 years out.

what i ate today:

- french bread with butter

- cranberry granola

- kimchi dumplings

- general tso tofu

- french bread with strawberry jam

- grilled shrimp

- garlic bread with cheese

- sour cream & onion chips

- almonds

- espresso martinis (2)

(i don't normally eat this much bread, but i made a couple loaves this morning so...)

(also, im a grazer so i ate all this here and there throughout the day)

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I am a dozen years out. I eat healthfully for my age and some tummy issues - so fairly plain.
Breakfast : coffee with a bit of half and half. oatmeal with a handful of fresh or dried fruit or a couple eggs with half a bagel and some jam.
lunch - tuna salad sandwich or deli sandwich with some Avacado.
Snacks - sliced cheese and crackers , or fresh fruit or the other half of my sandwich. ( if at work).
dinner. I either bake or roast or grill chicken or a turkey breast or small steak or grill burgers … mostly chicken or fresh fish. Grill, steam or wok veggies. Or Maybe a salad - or fresh fruit. My adult kid likes some carbs so I bake or grill yams or potato or steam brown rice or make couscous. Or something like that and I have a small serving of that

and I always have some kind of treat. A couple Milano Cookies, or small baked item, or a couple little dove chocolates.
I will eat Pasta on occasion - but keep in mind I am 66 years old and need knee replacements so my exercise is limited.

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I don't really have a typical day, either, although I'm still tracking at 7.5 years out. I've been eating in the 1600-1800 calorie range for quite awhile (I do exercise most days of the week), but I'm trying to lose a few lbs now so I'm trying to keep it at or under 1600.

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No typical day either. While I am almost 1.5 years after my revision (gerd), and I still feel like a noobie lol.... I had WLS back in 2008 so it's been awhile for me too.

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Thanks all for sharing!

I tend to meal prep since it's just me and it's easier to cook once or twice a week than every day. That's really the only reason my days tend to be fairly similar. As many of you hinted at, I am really trying for that healthy relationship with food where I enjoy in moderation. Glad to see that seems to be working for so many!

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      Constantly amazing myself. This is probably a normal experience for all of us on a WL journey.
      This morning I was at 174 pounds (78.9 kilos). I can perceive that my brain hasn't really caught up to this yet, as I still feel obese, even though I am close to being considered a normal weight, not even overweight. The smaller clothes, the higher fitness level, the great blood work results, the energy- these all tell me a totally different story!
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      I continue to shrink, and am amazed at the changes all over my body. Visually, it is striking to me. In the mirror, I look thin to my eyes, but I don't feel thin, although I can see more bones and veins and tendons and floppy skin. Cardio-wise, It takes a lot more effort to get my heart rate up and I'm now monitoring which heart zone I can get into and for how long. My resting heart rate is the lowest it's ever been.
      If I think about it, and I left myself feel it for a time, I weep (like, boohoo cry) with joy. I am so grateful to myself, and proud of myself for having the courage to have taken the leap to better health.
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