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Anyone in their late 20s - mid 30s?

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Would love to connect with folks in their mid/late 20s - mid 30s who have had surgery. Curious what made you decide on getting surgery and how your life has been post surgery.

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Unfortunately-Sadly: Due to Covid19 in my state - They (Insurance/Hospitals) are very very strict on who “needs” surgery the most and so, I haven’t been able to reschedule my surgery. Originally- I was going to have it / around July of 2021 (this year) but I’m just doing my best of remembering to take my prescriptions , Multivitamins and have faith. Btw: I will be 33 in December this year & I have other illnesses and disabilities other than Bariatric

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I am almost 3 weeks post op and I am 33. I decided to have the surgery because I was starting to have medical concerns due to weight. But In all reality I was uncomfortable in my body. I didn’t like to go out and do things because I was so bothered by it. I would dress up and feel confidant only to see my reflection and it would crush me. Or I would spend the majority of my time at a cook out or gathering overly fixated on my shirt being too tight or really anything. I want to get my life back on track. Even more important then all that I need to set a better example for my daughter and teach her how to eat appropriately.

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I’m 4 weeks post op today and I’m 2 weeks away from turning 29 😁
My recovery has gone super well, I have just been tired but that’s to be expected!

I mainly chose to have this surgery because I have struggled with my weight all of my life and had had enough of not participating in life and enjoying life as I should be. I also would like to become a mother and would hate to struggle to conceive (I know I still might but this should help at least), I would hate to struggle to keep up, or to teach my child bad habits with regards to food. Also, maybe a bit shallow, but fashion is one of my hobbies and I just 🥺 want to be able to buy affordable and cute clothing that really represent who I am!

I did a lot of soul searching during COVID and I was finally able to acknowledge to myself that I was not ever going to get to a healthy weight and maintain without surgery. It was painful but liberating. I am the type of person that once I decide on something, it’s happening and I prefer not to wait a second longer than necessary. So off I went 😊!
I’m down over 35 pounds now and I only need to lose 5 pounds more to weigh less than my husband for the first time EVER! I am excited 🥰

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