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How much weight training is enough

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I am 3.5 months post op sleeve and started back to the gym for weight training. I am thinking of going 3 times per week with 1-2 days in between workout days. I walk 60 minutes daily and will keep that up on non gym days. Probably will walk 30 minutes on gym days. Does that seem to be enough weight training to make a difference? Looking to tone up and fill in loose skin in problem areas while continuing to lose weight in honeymoon phase. Will the weight training slow down my weight loss?

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That is similar to what I started doing around 2 months post-op. Idk that it helped with loose skin, but it definitely seemed to help with weight loss. Also, I look toned and fit. I actually had a stranger on a plane the other day say I was “ripped” and asked if I do cross fit. The stranger also happened to be a very attractive man in my age group. Lol! Best NSV yet! 😊

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Enough? Depends on your goals.

I NEVER did weight training. Never will. As much as some people seem to love it, I hate it. Everything thing about it. But then again I have enough muscle to do what I want without weight training.

Weight training is not necessary to reach and maintain a weight goal.

Good luck,


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the usual recommended amount for weight training is 2-3 days a week, with a day or two in between, so you're fine.

it may be different during the rapid weight loss period (as in you may lose weight regardless since you're in the honeymoon stage), but for normal-weight people, or others who are at a stable weight, often when you start weight training you can gain up to 5 lbs because a) muscle is dense and b) muscle holds Water, but you usually look the same - if not thinner - because a pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat. And then eventually, you'll lose that slight bump up in weight - if not more - because having more muscle increases your metabolism a bit.

but again, with you still in the honeymoon stage, you'll probably continue to lose weight regardless.

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I've been bodybuilding on and off for 23 years and I can assure you that resistance exercise + Low intensity cardio + the ideal amount of Protein intake (as part of a balanced Macro combination) will definitely help you keep the fat off in the long-run. Notice here that I used the word 'fat' and not 'weight' (weight includes fat & muscle). If you manage to gain a few pounds on the scale while making sure your calorie and macros consumption are in check, then it is most probably an increase in muscle mass, not fat mass. How can you know for sure? Make sure you measure your body composition (Fat %, Fat weight, Lean Muscle weight etc) before you start carrying weights. Then measure again at the end of the month. Then compare. You'll be surprised sometimes to see that the weight scale hardly moves as your muscle mass replaces fat mass. Aesthetically though, you'll look much better when muscle gets packed on (as long as you dont gain fat 🙏).

I advise to google ' Body Recomposition' if you want to accomplish any of the following goals/scenarios:

  • Building muscle while simultaneously losing fat
  • Building muscle while maintaining body fat mass
  • Losing fat while maintaining muscle mass

And the best literature I've read on Body Recomposition is by Jeff Nippard. He'll set you straight and make you an expert in no time.

Oh yeah and carrying weights 3 times a day , on alternate days for 8 weeks is an excellent starting program.

Good luck Jaye

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