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I am finally home! I got surgery April 1st thursday, they kept me in hospital till April 4th! Easter morning I was released! crazy thing is that I had more nausea than pain! I couldn't tell since I was so sleepy, tired what was really bothering me but it was nausea. I couldnt tolerate anything liquids but then by saturday night sunday morning I was drinking normal no nausea. the nausea felt like when you go on a spinning ride, for me it was hard because I avoid those rides for that reason I am far too sensitive. I am home though I did it! I am happy although it might not show because I am ssssssssssssssso tired sleepy. after 10 years of trying to get this surgery, I tried with Kaiser, I thought maybe if I have to go to six month 3 hour dietitian course with other bariatric pals, I will do it (but no) I chickened out. Then I tried with another surgery doctor in Arcadia , I thought maybe if I pay for my monthly dietitian I will go through with it( but no) I chickened out. so finally finally my mind, heart and soul aligned to go threw with it. It wasnt until then that I went all the way. you have to be in it. you have to believe, you have to think of yourself the positive leave the negative behind. you have to be at peace with the outcome. the fact my surgery was on EASter week this made it special to me like God was with me no matter what.

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