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VSG and antidepressants

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Newbie here, booked for VSG on March 22nd. Just wondering if anyone has some success stories with the VSG while taking antidepressants/ antipsychotics/ lithium?

Ive had extremely severe treatment resistant depression and gained over 30kg thanks to one particular medication. Fortunately we found an alternative option for that med but I’m still left on several meds that can affect my weight. I’ve now stabilised but the weight won’t budge no matter what I try at the moment so I’m a little nervous that I’ll go through this major operation with no good outcome.

I’d love to hear from anyone else who struggles with their mental health- it can be such a lonely journey sometimes

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I have chronic major depression and I take two antidepressants. Neither causes weight gain, in fact they're both known to sometimes suppress appetite so I've had no issues there. I have had to be treated with prednisone since my bariatric surgery for an unrelated condition and I didn't gain a lot of weight. As soon as I came off of it, I lost the Water weight and the few pounds I had put on.

Make sure to talk all your concerns out with your surgeon. I have a blood disorder and I am on anticoagulants for life. For this reason, my surgeon asked me to get clearance from my hematologist. The hemadoc told me I would need to switch anticoagulants after surgery because the one I was taking required a lot of food to be bioavailable. I tried to get the one he recommended but my insurance wouldn't cover it. It was too expensive for me to pay for out of pocket, so I stayed on my original anticoagulant. Six months later, I developed a blood clot just as my hemadoc predicted. So it's always good to make all your doctors aware that you are having surgery as there can be unexpected interactions between different areas of your health. Best of luck! 🤗

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