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On 1/22/2021 at 9:41 AM, jlalexan02 said:

I'm in the same situation with sleeve in 2013 and now surgeon is suggesting a revision to bypass or LINX to help with the severe GERD. However, they strongly recommend bypass so I'm here to do all the research I can on the experience others have had with similar situations. Would love to have the GERD gone and weight loss would be nice but terrified that bypass will actually be way more painful than I am expecting and have worse side effects like weight gain and dumping and maybe I should just deal with the GERD. Feeling really confused and hoping this forum helps me come to terms with a decision.

I couldn't get the revision surgery fast enough! I had reflux since 2010, and had the sleeve done in 2014. Never knew that sleeve surgery can actually make GERD worse. After exhausting every medical option, sleeping in a recliner and constantly coughing from the acid erosion of my throat, I went back to my original surgeon who gave me the LINX or bypass options. I didn't go with LINX because it's only been around for 10 years and bypass (gastrojejunostomy for insurance purposes) is considered the "gold standard" for chronic GERD.

After GERD was confirmed by testing (including BRAVO), I had the bypass on 10/29/20. Have not had any reflux since surgery. I struggled through the first 3-4 weeks post op, and I am a "dumper", but I feel great. I've lost 41 pounds since surgery, I'm now in the normal BMI range, dropped from a size 16 to size 10 and have more energy than I did before surgery. I think some of the energy is also because I can finally sleep at night like a normal person: no waking up with a hand/mouth full of stomach acid!

I did lots of internet research, including articles in medical journals, and the gastrojejunostomy made the most sense for me. And the weight loss is definitely a bonus!

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