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Hello, all the way from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. My name is Yumna and I'm Canadian/Pakistani. Living in UAE since 2008. I've been obese my entire life. Thank you, mama and Papa genes! I have the same story as all of you in my position. Did 100000s of diets, activities, prepared food subscription, spent thousands of dollars on things that just DIDNT WORK! I also suffer from PCOS and it's not been easy!

I'm honestly so tired of trying and now that I am married (since 2019 January) I want to start a family. My PCOS is the number 1 reason why I've resulted in looking into gastric surgery, I knew the option was always there but to be honest I never felt uneasy in my skin. Growing up chubby made me comfortable with who I am. But now that I had a miscarriage and want to start a family. All i am seeing at the end of this dark tunnel is another thousands of dollars, needles, and suffering for years to try to grow a family. JUST BECAUSE OF PCOS AND OBESITY!

Ahh, my frustration now is beyond I've ever been with my weight and PCOS. So here I am looking through this forum and trying my best to get all the information i can for

1. Gastric mini bypass

2. Gastric sleeve

These two are what I'm stuck between, I've visited a very qualified surgeon here in UAE - he has recommended the mini gastric. however, the idea that not only will my stomach be sliced but also my intestine is scaring me. So i ask you gastric sleeve and bypass recoveries to tell me which option is best and why. When you were deciding why did you choose what you did and how has it helped you and failed you throughout the years post-surgery, I want to know the good the bad, and the ugly!

I would like to make a decision in the coming 2 weeks and set my mind up. Till then ill continue to go through the millions of threads here!

If you've read this far, THANK YOU! 😍

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I had the sleeve, I did not want my intestines rerouted. Usually the surgeon knows what is best for you according to your case, ie: gurd etc.

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I don't know if you have GERD or not, but if you do, surgeons usually recommend the bypass because the sleeve can make that worse (it doesn't happen to everyone, but it happens to a significant enough minority that you'll usually be advised to do bypass instead). You may have other health issues that would make one surgery or the other more appropriate for you - if so, I'd at least consider what the surgeon is recommending.

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Hiya fellow Canadian! 🇨🇦

My two cents:

Unless you have a history/tendency of GERD, then either surgery will work for you (if you have GERD, it is often suggested NOT to get the sleeve as there is a high likelihood that it will worsen)

You may read it around here, but when it comes down to it, its not the type of surgery that leads to success, its the person and their actions (barring any complications, of course).

With that said, I chose sleeve, because, like you (and others) I did not want to change my "plumbing" too much. This was just a mental/personal thing, and not based on anything scientific. However, I also wanted to keep my pyloric valve intact so that I could theoretically continue to use NSAIDS..but jokes on me, after surgery I no longer needed them.

I started off with a BMI of 43, got to BMI 23 in about seven months, and now have been comfortably sitting at BMI 21 for well over a year (I will be 2 years post op of at the end of this month).

Get your surgeons opinion, and go with what you feel most comfortable with. Whatever surgery you decide on, so long as you stick to plan, you will lose the weight.

Good Luck! ❤️

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