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Help me decide: BPD/DS vs SADI-S

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20 hours ago, SAsurgery said:

Dear Postop

Thank you for sharing your journey with me. It’s so helpful to hear from folks who are several years out. It sounds like you have been successful with only minor complications or quality of life issues. That’s what I am hoping for.

I hope this isn’t too personal of a question. Do you experience a lot of gas? Is it associated with simple carbs? Does it cause any problems in your home or work?

Sure thing.

Nothing is really too personal as we talk about food, poop and gas a lot. 😁 I do experience a good deal of gas if I eat certain things . But after 15 years I pretty much know what I can eat and where I can eat it and not feel very concerned about gas and stool smells. However, if I do have a bit of gas, I always have a small vial of perfume in my back pant pocket. That way I can spray my butt as the smell will linger in my pants. I also have perfected the wall lean. If I feel a fart coming on I'll press up against the wall so it's as small as possible. The wall lean is similar to the chair squelch. I'll quickly sit down to squelch a fart if I feel one coming on in public. However, if I'm in a supermarket or the subway, etc., I'll pretty much let it go and just look around like everyone else, lol. Believe me, I was a wreck in the beginning. Now I take it much more in stride.🤣

Oh, and for gas, never ingest charcoal supplements. You can wear charcoal pads if you like, but DSers can't ingest charcoal. It has something to do w/absorption and impeding it. And we don't need more of that.

Gas is mainly associated w/sugar/simple carbs. But once in a while I'll have it from something like tuna fish. But that's minor and I use the above methods to deal with it. My DS nutritionist once told me it was natural to have more gas in the evening as that's when the food settles down. I used to have more than I do now (at home in the evening). If you're worried about a partner, you'd need to let h/she know it's going to happen and is it a deal breaker? It wasn't for my husband.

I use this for stool at work. I find it covers everything beautifully. Lots of trial and error and it's my favorite. Some like this, but it didn't do much for me. Others just say the heck with it and that everyone's poop smells. 😁

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I had the SADI-S on August 21st, 8 weeks after surgery. Is it normal to still have belly pain. Sometimes I feel like I am bloated. I am scared.

I stopped losing weight [emoji30]

I need advices please!

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@Camry Hi. I'd call my doctor to see what they think is going on. I remember I had to go to the surgeon several months after my surgery. I was having issues and they wanted to run some tests. 🌻

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21 hours ago, Circlesis said:

@Postop may I ask what type of perfume you keep in your pocket? I’m intrigued..

Whatever I'm wearing. I try and match it so if I need to spray my butt it won't conflict with what I'm wearing that day. I use something like this. https://www.amazon.com/Portable-Refillable-Atomizer-Traveling-Outgoing/dp/B07KS49CHM

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      2. alysia.rush

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