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Well I hope everyone is feeling good.

Here in Australia in my state we are pretty much virus free thank God.

Most of our shops are open and life is getting back to normal..

It is the middle of winter so been in front of the heater and just feeling good realising my BIRTHDAY is coming this Sunday...

This year has gone so quickly.

I'm 9 months post op and feeling amazing and just feeling appreciation for where I am in life right now and it's the first birthday in like 20 years I've felt this good and finally starting to love myself again.

i do still have some anxiety issues and self esteem issues which I've just started seeing a new psych so that should help me transition to the new me.

I know I look good and I feel good and I get compliments from strangers which is nice but it takes time to gain confidence and to be able to put yourself out there and meet someone..

My health is great. My weight is good but my life is not complete until I start a family 😁

Just the other day someone thought I was 30 which feels good since I'll be 36 this weekend but feel 26 😁

I also want people to know that the bypass RNY has done amazing things for me and to not feel scared, to have confidence in your DECISION.

I've lost all my excess weight and kept it off and happy with myself.

It takes alot of commitment, you cannot slack off, you cannot give in, you have to be ready to change your life and change your way of thinking!!!

Anyway i know there's a few people who can't handle my humour or my personality but that's fine, I have plenty of family and friends who love me for me and that's what counts!!



i will treat myself for my birthday I think I've earnt that.

Thank you.


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Happy Birthday!!

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Thank you

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Posted (edited)

Yes we must Celebrate our successes

Edited by New&Improved

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What's the point of posting year old posts are you just trying to cause trouble

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