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can you have the bypass if you have ITP?

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Ive spent forever getting ready for this. i get my final testing in June surgery tentatively scheduled for September.I have had extremely low platelets for 5 years. When i sought treatment i was only told don't worry you don't have cancer. my level is 109 you have to have 150000 to barely be "normal"I am in full blown panic now. Has ANYONE been in a similar situation?

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I'm not a doctor but I do work in a hospital lab. We've had people with platelet counts far lower than yours have surgery. Often the doctors will have us keep a unit of platelets on hand in case, but they almost never transfuse them. Your body has three different systems in place to stop you from bleeding, so if only one of them is deficient you will most likely be fine. I'm sure they will do some coagulation studies on you to make sure your other clotting factors are working as they should.

Good luck!

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