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Hi! I posted this in the Gastric Bypass forum but I thought I should post it here as well. The surgery type isn't important.

I am a little more than 13 months post-op. Have lost 95 pounds but have stalled for a few months, and have had some bumpy roads getting here (serious double pneumonia for one). I would LOVE a buddy/partner (or buddies/partners - the more the merrier!) to help each other along the way - for support, common sense (i.e. "don't eat that Twinkie!"), all around motivation and friendship.

I'm 56, mom of 2 grown kids, a nana to 1. I'm fun and outgoing and a great friend! (I feel like I'm filling out an ad to get a date ☺️)

If anyone is interested - please let me know! Oh, I have about 50 pounds or so left to lose.

Someone around the Baltimore area would be AWESOME - but via text, Facetime, whatever is great too.


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Hi. :) I would love to also have an accountability partner also. Send me a message and we can exchange info :) ❤️❤️

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Me too! 67 with 50 lbs to go.

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Me too I want to lose 10 more pounds

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      I can now buy clothes in normal stores again. Admittedly the first time when I started trying on clothes, I really had to keep myself calm. Normally trying on clothes causes me to become SOOO depressed that it take weeks just to get over it. Now, I have to keep myself from not wanting to buy everything!
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        Right?! It’s an amazing, freeing feeling.

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        Wow, I am nowhere-near smart enough to read that article! 😉

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      Hi, congrats on your surgery!  Saw you went to Dr. Pleatman.  I've been between doing the Lap Band and sleeve.  I was suppose to have a consultation with Dr. Pleatman this month.  So far great experience with his office coordinator Carrie (sp?).   Feeling really scared and nervous about getting the sleeve.  If you can share...how was your experience with Dr. Pleatman's office and the surgery?   Thanks!
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    • LadyVS

      I'm not new, I was an active Lapbander from: 
      March 4, 2013   LAST VISITED
      February 6, 2017 Here I am on October 4, 2019 thinking back over my Lapband journey and how I thought I would be banded for life. Unfortunately, I have been sick for some time, and am on medications; and well my weight has constantly slowly increased. I was 225 pounds when I had my Lapband surgery on Dec. 17, 2010. At least my weight hasn't reached 210. I have been fluctuating between 202-206. For that, I'm grateful. I'm just excited to be able to have another tool to assist me with my weight loss journey. I'm not looking forward to the liquid stage, however.
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