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Banded in Ft Worth in 2012-
I just met with a new surgeon yesterday after having a swallow study. My esophagus is expanding causing reflux, etc.
He unfilled the band and set me up for a follow up swallow study and follow up with him on Aug 15th. We talked about options.
Do I want the sleeve or bypass?
With revision do they make you wait months and months?

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You may want to look around on the forum for answers. From what I have read the process to get a revision does not take anywhere near as long as original surgery.

Good luck to you

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My surgeon advised that the best option was RNY.

Less risk of reflux.

Less risk of more damage/ issues to the oesophagus.

I also know a lot of people that have revised to a sleeve or had a sleeve as an initial surgery who have not lost or have had massive regains.

I decided to go with my surgeons recommendation and had my revision in Jan. I am very happy. My diet is much healthier than with the band, I don’t spend hours in restaurant toilets throwing up and I have reload the weight I gained and am sitting at goal.

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    • Wanda Northern  »  SpartanMaker

      Good luck on your upcoming surgery. 
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    • Wanda Northern  »  Slwhurst

      Good afternoon. We’re Scorpio sisters. My birthday is 11-08. I live in Memphis, TN. My surgery date is Monday September 26th, 2022. I begin my liver shrink diet on Monday September 12th. 
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      1. Wanda Northern

        Robert Wegner with Saint Francis will be doing my surgery.

    • jenuinelygenuinely

      My 3 babies and my little "niece". Took on a babysitting job this past weekend. She is super tiny compared to my 3 biggies. Sitting on command for treat-os!
      Pre-op Liquid - Day 2 
      It was very hard today...I'm feeling some type of way from not eating the meals I was supposed to before the pre-op diet. My sister got stuck in Dallas a week before my diet and we were supposed to go on a nice dinner, but that never happened. I have super bad dry mouth and bathroom breaks are more frequent. 

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    • jenuinelygenuinely

      Pre-op Liquid Diet - Day 1
      Had my morning cup of 8 oz Regular Orange Juice. I am ready!!! I did have 3 bites of my fiance's cheesecake last night for dinner. It was so yummy but with my former sleeve it didn't allow me any more bites.
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    • Tim in Tampa

      Just started my pre-op diet today!
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