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Puréed stage need ideas!

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On 7/9/2019 at 10:23 AM, LaurenNicRodriguez said:

There is a YouTube channel called "timetoshrink" that has some really good recipes. Ricotta Bake, pureed Spinach and Artichoke dip, pureed Egg salad, Sweet Potato Puree, Buffalo chicken Dip Puree, Broccoli cheese Soup Puree, Refried Beans, Cottage cheese, and Mashed Potatoes thinned out with broth or low sodium gravy.

Yes I've seen her recipies.. I can't wait to try the Buffalo chocken dip and a few more when I'm allowed in a couple weeks.

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On 7/8/2019 at 11:07 PM, jelos98 said:

Get a decent blender, and any Soup becomes pureed Soup. I did cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, cream of potato, etc., but sent it through a blender before heating it up.

I also got creative, based on my cravings. When my kids wanted pizza, I made myself "pizza soup" (was making home made pizza, so I reappropriated some of the Italian sausage + pepperoni + mushroom, heated it up in a skillet with a creamy Tomato Soup with basil, to get some of the flavors into it, then strained it, and ate the non-solids. Turned out surprisingly good.

Get a GOOD blender, and anything becomes pureed soup if you try hard enough ;)

When my sis was here, she ordered Mexican food, and I was craving the same, so I wound up making my own "soup" out of part of an order of Carne Asada. Carne Asada + Refried Beans + Salsa + Guac + Beef broth. Ok, so it came out more like Carne Asada pudding in consistency, but the taste was spot on, and it took care of that craving without causing me damage, so I chalk it up as a win.

This was probably not my wisest decision overall (I was considering consistency, but not really content), but it goes to show that if you're burnt out on your options, you can always create new options.

Thank you for these ideas! Today is my Day 1 of week 4-Pureed/soft foods.

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