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Hi everyone ! My name is Gia and I’m currently in the process of doing the Duodenal Switch. I’m 20 years old. 5’3 and about 345 lbs right now. I have been approved by my insurance but I need two more tests done before I get scheduled.

I have a few questions for people who have already had the surgery , anything you wish you knew before you did it ?

Anything I should remember to keep my head in the game ?

Tips on the dealing / getting over the worst things ?

Tips on mental health maintenance ?

I’m sorry for asking so much considering I haven’t gotten the surgery yet but I’m doing a notebook beforehand. Thank you in advance !

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First thing you need is a good support group of other DS patients. This forum is ok but there are Facebook groups that are helpful and necessary to staying mentally healthy. Your family and friends will be important too but they won’t know what you are experiencing.

Next you will regret your decision almost immediately after surgery but remember “It gets better”. The healing process is different for each person. Be kind to yourself this is major surgery.

For the first few weeks/months the most important thing is Hydration. You should get used to carrying a large cup (30oz is a good size) everywhere you go. And Sip, sip, sip. When you get on solids you can start being concerned with Protein and such but keep hydrated, always.

Dont get down on yourself if you land back in the hospital for dehydration. It’s common and normal. Stay in contact with your surgeon and don’t hesitate to report anything happening to you that doesn’t feel right

Do NOT WEIGH yourself EVERY DAY!! Stop doing it now. Post Bariatric weight loss does not happen in a smooth decline, your weight will fluctuate and it will drive you nuts if you weigh constantly. Once a week is a good idea but remember the number on that scale is just your relation to gravity, your body will be changing radically and these things happen gradually. You will lose scale weight and size sometimes separately you’ll notice your clothes fitting different even though the scale hasn’t changed. This is just the process.

You may at some point need an anti depressant, hormonally you are going to feel weird and overly emotional. Don’t wait to get a little pharmaceutical assistance. It will help you get through the rough spots. There’s no shame in it.

Good Luck

Remember you are saving your life! This is a huge deal. But you are not taking the “easy” way (there isn’t one) and life is about to get very different.

It Gets Better!

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Thank you for replying !! You made amazing points ! I have 4 members of my family that have had WLS so I’m glad to be able to talk to people who know what I will be going through. Thank you for the tip of getting antidepressants because I’m trying to maintain my mental health as much as humanly possible so I will definitely get that kind of help whenever needed. Thank you for your kind words !

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To add to dsdesigna's post:

  • Take your Vitamins and minerals everyday. You're making a lifetime commitment to this
  • Get your bloods taken when and how often your team says you should
  • Keep a copy of your surgical report
  • Get your pre-op blood report and all post-op ones (You never know when they will help if you are having an issue)
  • Get a pre-op Dexa bone scan so you have a basis for comparison

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