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I’m in the same boat. I’m 3.5 months post op and I only poop every 7-10 days and Only when I take a laxative. Miralax and colace do nothing... nada. I drink 100oz+ of Water a day and eat 3 Protein forward meals. I don’t feel bad, my stomach doesn’t hurt but I just don’t poop. I’m afraid to see how long it would go on without the laxative 😬. My docs office said to just take the laxative for now and if it’s still an issue at 6 months they will send me to a gastro.

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Well where to post? Let me update you on my #2 also known as the dreaded Poo.
Well my past recovery from RnY. has been so checkered you could make a Scotsman Kilt out of it.
I have tended toward the over- firm side of the spectrum, so much that I have a standing order for 2 Miralax per day, MoM evening of 2nd day if no results.
Then November 29th I had gotten myself in such a state of protein- anemia and dehydration that a PICC line was inserted. Reasoning was 3-pronged. 1 I wasn't getting enough Protein p.I. because due to my stomal structure and ulceration in my jejunem I was still on liquids 2. The rest from attempting to digest foods might let everything heal 3. Both my Surgeons felt TPN was the proper way to go.
Well, well, that evil " You can't. push ME out, I'll make you suffer if you try!" went away. Each and every day I had a soft squishy green- black stool, color probably from increased Iron, hard to wipe clean but I could still find to it acceptable. In February I was to go back to 1 pureed type meal a day, be it a high Protein Shake, soup- strained or homemade, or something like runny warm Cereal. STILL I was chugging along singing my song, and really fecal- happy.
Then February 26, for various reasons my doyble- lumen PICC friend and I parted company. Basically " We're going to throw you into a rain-swollen river- Do try not to driwn, please?"
And I tried to be a dutiful p,o. ingested but here came the" I shall not move without my Miralax" every two day results. Now another thing Valerie, Dr Needleman's head Nurse-Practitioner, had said was due to my Iron state on my weekly blood labs I was going to require a iron INFUSION. Although they were more than happy to schedule it in Columbus, my PCP, since I was just recovering from pneumonia, had had both kinds of pneumonia. shots, the 13 and 21 different varieties, obviously there are 35 different varieties cause I got it anyway. PCP said "Lets schedule it in Mount Vernon, so you don't have that 100 mile round trip to endure!" then he disappeared off to sit on a tuffet with Little Miss Muffet and share a bowl of Curds and whey, which we commonly these days call Cottage cheese.< br /> After a week of hearing Nothing I called the office only to be told by one of his LPN's Melisa, I was delusional, if I needed such a thing , Doctor would have told her. Never could stand the little brat but he keeps her around.
So I had heard enough, I might not quite be bovine but I recognize B.S. when I hear it!
So I Called the facility in Columbus OSU wanted to send me to, found transportation, set up my own appointment time for Monday and off I went. The actual procedure wasn't all that bad, took a long time, 8:30 to 2:30, wanted to take it slow, watch for any bad reactions etc.
And then Yesterday came- OH ME OH MY- thought I might die! My last poo had been Friday, it was Tuesday so I went back to my tried and true MoM. One dose, started out with lower abdominal pain, hmmmm I think, maybe I am full of poo? Started out with a modicum of small brown pebbles, okay this is going to be okay. An hour later the tsunami hit. I went from black tarry stool I could hardly expell to green-black woykdnt wipe clean, every time I tried to stand up and wipe, more came and hurt, oh yeah "mucho hurt" varied from " my colon's lining is extruding" to "maybe I have a kidney stone I'm trying to pass" Oh the misery, do I call the Emergency Squad? Can just see the paper work, Lady in 70s, complaining of lower abdominal pain- transport to local community hospital Full of S***.
See after 7 pm we have no taxi transport until 6:30 the next morning. And on the side of their vehicles it says " Anyone Can Ride" ha ha LOL!
Hurt so bad I dug out my treasured Norco, treasured because with the opioid crisis, not even President Obama or Trump could get a "script" written.
These days, Wal-Mart gives you a packet of stuff to put into the bottle when you're through to render them harmless so they can disposed of. Still better than. the patient I read of on here whose doctor asked for her remaining at her 2 week check-up. doctor wanted them back? At any rate finishing up with 3 movements that were pure black Water, I THINK I am better today, but the iron and the MoM did a number on me! Wonder if with all that expelled did I retain enough to render me less anemic? Hang aroynd, I'll let you know what the next blood draw says! Your drained out Bari Bud****. Frustr8

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I was having the same prob w not going regularly. I put some collagen powder in my coffee-magic- I get Protein and I go the restroom regularly now
I use Vital Proteins Collagen Peptide
They sell it at my HEB in the health foods section for $26 a canister.

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Thanks Kris , although we don't have a HEB this fare north ( Ohio) I'm sure I can find something comparable up here and it sure sounds like a good idea!

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      3/19 - It wasn't a bad day I stayed up quite a bit much of the day. Have to focus on walking more before it gets too hot to walk outside at all.   Pain was less, but insomnia has kicked in the last two nights
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      2019 - A New Year and a New Start on life!!!!
      On 3/14 - I went into the Hospital at 6am to have my surgery <the sleeve>.   My weigh at that time was 278 pounds.   On this day I was in and out of it I don't remember a whole lot I just remember being in a lot of pain.
      On 3/15 - They made me get up and walk a few times in the middle of the night and walk doctor came in and I was able to be discharged if I was eating and doing everything on his little checklist.   I went home at 6pm.  All I remember was going home crawling into bed and taking more pain medicine it felt like I got hit in the stomach about 50 times.
      On 3/16 - I know they say that walking is the best thing you can do after having surgeries but I was not feeling it at all every time I sat up, I got dizzy needless to say this day I didn't get much walking in and the smell of food just made me gag.  I couldn't even take the pain medicine that was in liquid form.  I stayed in bed for most of the day.
      On 3/17 - I did a lot better on this day I was actually able to eat a little bit of Jell-O and drink a little bit of broth.    Still can't seem to take that pain medicine without wanting to gag.   I definitely have been able to keep down water and even had my nephew take a little bit of Crystal Light and some ice chips and mix it in a bullet to make like a slushie.  That was yummy!
      This brings me to today 3/18 - I have been trying to drink protein water to get protein in my body. I was able to eat some Jell-O today and keep it down. I also was able to sit up for 5 hours and was able to be sociable again.  I was also finally able to take some pain medicine again without gagging <Thank God>.     Pain is slowly going away.   I have my first one week doctor visit on 3/20 so we will see how that goes
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