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Qs to Ask Self When Considering Plastic Surgery

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I would love a tummy tuck....I have never ever wore a bathing suit in public. I couldn't imagine how liberating it would be....not for anyone other than myself....😔maybe someday I will be able to do it....for now I just tuck my flappy belly into my high waisted Jean's and go on about my day!

That is until I win the lottery....

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Hello all,

If anyone has either had cosmetic surgery after bariatric surgery, or has seriously considered it, what questions did you ask yourself as you weighed your decision? How did you go about finding a surgeon? Are all surgeons capable of any kind of cosmetic surgery, or do they specialize (lower body, breasts, face, etc...?) I have been reading, but it’s hard to get a feel, there is so much information out there. Some former bariatric patients have even gone to another country for surgery! That idea frightens me! But I’d love to know more if anyone wants to share. Please feel free to give me as much information and detail as you’d like. I am very appreciative of any and all help. Thank you! [emoji4]

Did you find a PS? I’ve been shopping around also- need a slew of things tightened. I found that some PS’s do not have experience with bariatric patients, many have different strategies, they all charge differently, some do procedures in a hospital and others in a surgical-center. Some have better bedside manners than others.

Tummy tuck hurts as if you did a zillion sit ups- hurts to laugh, cough and sneeze. Breast lift/implants - I was sooo prepared for the pain before surgery and was fine.

Let us know where you’re at.

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