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Weight training first not cardio

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2 hours ago, elirules said:

Build muscle people do not get crazy with cardio. Muscle mass is crucial.

What is crazy cardio? I don't think anyone is running marathons in the first few months after surgery.

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Back before the band, I started doing weight training. I was serious about it and planned on entering a contest. I worked at it hard for 18 months. I didn't have time or energy to do both when I started. But as I built muscle, I began feeling better, moving better and just getting active. Unfortunately, I didn't lose weight. But I figured 350 pounds of muscle would look better than 350 pounds of fat. That was true. My body shrank and soon I was wearing hand-me-downs from a woman 100 pounds less than me. I was running up and down stairs just for fun. My doctor friend said I was going to be the healthiest fat person in town.

Unfortunately, the story has a sad ending. I contracted Epstein Barr, which progressed into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, soon to be joined by Fibromyalgia. I got sicker by the day until I thought I would die. I put on 100 pounds during this time. Eventually, I became stronger.

Fast forward to now, I have tried and tried to get back to weight training, with no success. But the attempts have kept my core strong. I've gone through breast cancer with both chemo and radiation, and a stroke. Because I had lapband surgery, I now weigh 280, and hope to lose 30 - 50 more pounds. I'm still huge, but I've lost 160 pounds. Once again, I am too weak from the stroke to do carsio, but I am trying to do a bit of weightlifting. I'm starting slowly, and I know If I keep it up, the cardio will follow, just like it did before. Once the muscle is built, it is just so much fun to use it.

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    • GreenTealael


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    • Anniejs

      Today I had my first post surgery update. I haven't eaten anything other than the occasional popsicle and my daily protein shakes in 2 weeks. I have lost 30lbs in those 2 weeks. The doctor is happy. I am starting to see changes I have no more swelling in my legs after sitting at my work desk all day. I don't get to eat an egg till next week. I have my total carb and protein counts so when I can start eating I know how much I can have. My surgeon / doctor has been great thru this whole process. He listens and gives good information about what to expect and what I should be doing. He has an amazing team here in Boise. I am glad I went with him to do this life changing process.
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    • Jenwill630

      1 week from today and I get to be a loser!
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    • ms.sleeve

      Looking on the bright side: both a loss of 1lb/week and a loss of 4lbs/week are LOSSES.  So long as the trendline is going down, I'm happy.
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    • boringtessa

      Thought I'd give an update.  I'm over half way to my goal, which is awesome, and I've lost over 12 inches in my waist!  The weight isn't coming off as quickly as I had hoped, but I am also not exercising and still not getting even close to the amount of water I should be drinking, so slow weight loss is not all that surprising.  Sometimes I'm just "over it" and try to eat huge portions like I used to, but, thankfully, I feel the restriction of my smaller stomach and can't go crazy.  In general, I'm quite good, just trying to live my life.
      I now have a motivation to start exercising, though... I booked a plane ticket to Germany for the end of September, so this is a good chance to get strong, get hydrated, and reach my weight goal.
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      1. Jenwill630

        WTG that is awesome!

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