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6 months ups and downs

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Well, I am at my 6 month point and there have been many ups and downs but overall I am happy with results so far even though I was hoping to be further along by now.

I had my surgery 6 months ago but I feel my journey started with my first Dr. visit last November and starting my diet with the nutritionalust. Since that date I have lost 111 pound, 85 of that since my surgery. I am still 81 pounds away from my original goal.

I have only had couple of dumping issues where I ate too quickly or too much. Unfortunately I have not had problems eating most food and I am able to eat more than I thought I would be able to so I really have to work on self control at this point.

I just got back from a cruise where I did not make the best choices, but I didn’t gain any weight, probably because of all the walking I did. I felt I wasted a lot of food on vacation, but that’s just the way it is now. Sometimes my husband would finish food for me but he really needs to cut back too. I found myself missing usual vacation splurges like enjoying wine, ice cream, coffee drinks, and cocktails. I did have some splurge sips and bites of foods I don’t eat now.

I need to start a new exercise routine now that our pool is closed. I was doing an hour of Water aerobics everyday which I loved. I will be doing a lot of traveling in the next 2 months and plan in November to join our local rec Center that has a pool, track, and weight room. Till then I will walk, do an aerobics video, or go to our condo workout room that has stationary bikes and a treadmill.

I am experiencing benefits of my weight loss that were part of my decision to have the surgery: I no longer need pills for high cholesterol and diabetes! I was able to fly without an extender, I fit into all the seats on my trip (I am still uncomfortable with trying booths, but fit fine in ones I did sit in), I no longer have foot, ankle, or knee pain even when walking well over 10,000 steps daily on my vacation, I am able to get up and down easier, plus I have gotten a lot of positive feedback on my weight loss too.

I am hopeful that I will reach my goal but I know it will be more effort on my part vs surgery because I still have cravings and I am able to eat what I want. I also know I will have to push myself to be more active. I eat a bite or two of what I want. I am getting better at not worrying if I’m wasting food when we eat out.

I have experienced discouragement when I was eating less than my pre surgery diet and losing less. I have also had stalls in weight loss that are very hard mentally but I keep going down slowly. Vitamins and supplements are expensive, so hoping lab work shows that they are working (my 6 month Dr. visit is next week). I have had some Hair loss but I’ve always had some problems with thin hair and loss so I have not noticed too much difference.

My sister has given me a lot of cute clothes that actually fit me and I’ve also been able to buy clothes in smaller sizes and that’s fun. Sizes vary depending on brands but it’s nice to fit into a regular size and I have donated a lot of my old clothes making way for smaller sizes.

I have lots of support from my husband, family and friends and that really helps.

Best wishes to all those on this journey to better health and a better life!

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