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Loose jiggly skin -- what do I have to look "forward" to?

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On 7/7/2018 at 8:31 AM, AshAsh1 said:

You know, I think it honestly just depends. My neck was HUGE....I had no neck at all. I’d feel choked just sitting upward...my apnea’s were over 120 per hour, but I have no loose skin on my neck. I have the tiniest bit of a fat pocket left. And my stomach was huge as well, I thought surely my skin would hang below my pubic bone, because my fat does. I still have a ways to go, so maybe once the fat is gone and it’s just skin, I’ll feel differently, but right now it’s actually shrinking upwards.


You look great!

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14 hours ago, Missouri-Lee's Summit said:

Pregnancy-stretching and the pouching that occurs postpartum is the only skin sag that I am actually proud of. Of course, breastfeeding is probably the single most amazing experience ever.

Freud's penis envy is ludicrous. A woman's body is the body to envy!

I totally agree. I loved being pregnant, felt it was as close to a miracle as I would ever experience. And I loved breastfeeding. Wouldn't have traded that for the world.

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15 hours ago, AshAsh1 said:

Exactly! My mom would probably pay me to do it the other way around. She actually has this theory that the more skin cells you have, the more your body can refill with fat. She thinks by eliminating all my access skin, I'll prevent regain. She is literally convinced of this...

Maybe it's a Mom thing, but I kinda thought that's how it would work, too!

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It depends on where you start. I know plenty of people that didn’t have any lose skin. Some people add collagen (i have no clue if that actually helps)

But if you do have some excess skin, be proud of it. It’s a reminder of how far you’ve come. Nobody will ever point that out.

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So let's start with the fact that I had my kids at 37 and 41, so there was lots of saggy baggy before I lost more than 100 pounds. (Best estimate now, looking at photos from 2015, is I've lost 140 - I had to have been over 300 pounds in those photos.) I'm almost 2 years out. I noticed different things at different times. My batwings bother me most. I have to say the tummy stuff doesn't make me nuts. The arms does. Then, about four or five months ago, I was in yoga in shorts and looked at my thighs and gasped because of the faces my legs were making back at me.

I've had my consult with plastics. My doc says I'm a great candidate. He recommended panni with Tummy Tuck as one procedure and then hoisting the girls up, sizing them down (I'm a 34F right now with boobs that point to Argentina) and the batwings. He does not recommend doing upper legs because of problems he has seen with healing. Given that he is at a major university medical center, I'll listen to him. I'm not ready emotionally to have the plastics done and I want to get my overall body fat down from its current 31% to about 28% so I have good muscle definition before he does his sculpting. Anyway, it's all likely to wait about 8 years, because my daughters are a high school sophomore and a college sophomore. Tuition has to get paid first.

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