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Need advice on getting enough food.

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I had lapband 7 years ago and have maintained pretty well. I am now 51 and i know I am not getting the right nutrition. I feel very tired most of the time, I am now starting to bruise really easy. I hate to admit it but I havent had anything green in probably three months!! I always try to get my Protein and then I cant eat anything else much. Im just wondering how do you get your greens and nutrients etc.??

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You had LapBand whereas I had Gastric Bypass so what I am saying may seem a little different but I think as far as nutrition post-op, it will be important and applicable.

The three most important elements right after weight loss surgery are to meet your daily Protein, Fluid and Vitamin requirements. food is secondary because your body is converting your stored fat into the energy that drives your body. Thus you lose weight.

For me weight loss is achieved after surgery through meal volume control. I began with 2 ounces (1/4 cup) per meal and gradually over the next year and a half increase the volume to 1 cup per meal. With this minuscule amount of food, it is next to impossible to meet your protein daily requirements by food alone, so therefore I needed to rely on supplements such as Protein Shakes and Protein Bars.

So since you are in the maintenance phase, the goals will change. The elements of protein, fluid and Vitamins will still be important but rather than taking them as supplements, one can eat real food to supply those needs.

According to my nutritionist, meals should consist of equal parts of protein, fats and carbs after the first couple years post-op. Always put protein first. Snacks should be limited to primarily whole food options: nuts, natural nut butters, fruits, veggies, boiled eggs, string cheese, yogurt with berries and almonds, tuna pouches. Avoid processed packaged foods as much as possible.

In your case, you will need to assess your daily protein consumption. In general you should be consuming around 75-90 grams of protein daily. If you are under this amount, you will need to make up that difference by taking supplements such as protein shakes or protein bars.

In my case I avoid sugar like the plague and try to limit some types of carbs (bread, rice, pasta) to one meal a day. Most veggies (greens) I do not constraints. It is just a matter of finding the veggies that appeal to you the most. Remember you can use fruits and veggies as snacks.

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My “trick” is to cook the ends of the broccoli until done. Drain and cool
This I can put in a 1/2 of a new potato (russets are dry)
Or mix with scrambled eggs and a touch of cheese.
I have made crustless quiche ....
sweet potato ....
Soup etc
I find it hard to get Fiber and greens in without this.
I love artichokes but it is the mayo I work on. Some times just the heart!!!
Good luck. I hope you find one or two options

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Not sure what kind of Vitamins you are taking but for the longest time I was taking the wrong kind of vitamins.

Once you hit the amazing age of 51 you might want to look a Vitamin for seniors. I take the Kirkland Signature Mature multi vitamin which I cut in half, along with Vitamin D3 and fish oil.

Getting my greens in has always been difficult for meas well.

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Posted (edited)

You have to learn to like some greens :) One power green is spinach and Kale. You can put them in eggs, cook in some brown rice and my favourite is blend them in some veggie Soup. Another trick is to buy some powdered Spirulina (has lot of great elements including iron) and mix it into food or drink, a smoothie is best. Also buy powdered moringa. Add those 2 supplements and those are good green ones.

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      Getting enough fluid/protein in is a challenge... Any tips?
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    • SleeveinIL

      I'm struggling a little. My younger sister wants to go out to a buffet for Thanksgiving so no one has to cook and stress. While I appreciate her sentiment, I also don't want to pay $65 a head (4 ppl in my family) especially since I can't eat much AND buffets are so difficult to deal with overeating. I told my sister after thinking about it that buffets aren't okay for me. She seemed to understand, but was disappointed. Am I being selfish by not going along with the plan? I purchased a turkey to cook and I can make sides that are bariatric friendly. Sigh, this one is bothering me. I might be emotionally low right now because my dog passed away recently and that is contributing to my thinking.
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      1. FluffyChix

        Sorry about your pup. That's a real grief you need to allow yourself to express.

        So $65 for each person is hefty. We couldn't afford that for TG for 4. But buffets don't freak me. I wouldn't even pay--just sneak a bite or two off a plate here or there. No biggie. But doing a restaurant or keeping food simple is also what works for most.

        Sorry you're having a tough time about the upcoming holiday. Remember, our joy will mostly be with being with those we love.

      2. Orchids&Dragons

        So sorry about the dog. It is so hard when they pass.

        Yes, that $65 is super steep. You'd really be paying $260 for 3 people to eat and you to watch. Yikes! And I'm sure they wouldn't let you in without paying. Maybe just beg your sis to put it off until next year when you might be able to enjoy it too? I mean, honestly, you've already got the darn turkey. You're still a work in progress and you sure don't want to throw up in the restaurant. Maybe thinking about it that way will help your sister understand. By next Thanksgiving, you'll be far more sure of what you can handle and what you can't.

        Good luck.

      3. CrankyMagpie

        Losing a pet is terrible, and it's OK to be sad. ❤️

        Taking care of yourself is also OK--better than OK!--and if you're offering to cook, that means your sister doesn't have to cook or stress, which is kind of what she was after, anyway? So you don't need to feel bad about this.

        I can definitely imagine going to a buffet again, even though I don't eat much, but we're talking, like $10 Indian lunch buffet, not $65 (holy crap) Thanksgiving buffet! And I'll probably always favor non-buffets, since not eating part of my meal immediately just means I get to enjoy it later on (or my spouse does). It feels like less pressure, or something.

        Anyway, I'm babbling. I think you're doing the right thing, here. I hope your sister is cool about it.

      4. Swanton_Bomb

        I am slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y, learning in my old age that you don't always have to do everything for everyone else and that it is ok to take care of your own needs first. $260 is a lot to spend for a family of 4 to eat without any leftovers, especially when one person can barely eat anything. Maybe next year you can do the buffet, or maybe your sister and her family can go out to a buffet, and you and your kids can have dinner, and then everyone meets up later for board games and football or something. Focus on some fun post-meal activities. I'm skipping Thanksgiving this year because I am on liquids, which means my mom won't attend either (her choice, she doesn't want to go without me). She is ok with that, but I feel guilty about ruining her holiday. I made my peace with it because I realized that skipping this one Thanksgiving to have surgery earlier this month means that I will hopefully be healthier, live longer and have more Thanksgivings in my future.

    • danieocean

      Stuck in a stall, been 237 for a few days. Sucks! But good news, I no longer fit in a 2XL leggings or shirts. Back to XL in shirts and leggings!!!  WOO!
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      1. Orchids&Dragons

        Feels great, doesn't it? Congrats! And track those measurements! I'd rather see inches disappear than pounds any day!

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