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Any MGB in March?

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On 08/05/2018 at 4:24 PM, Miss Apple said:

Happy you are doing great. Who is your doctor. Do you feel normal..

Hi Miss Apple, I’m still feeling a bit delicate. Overdid it a couple of days ago and am now paying with some back pain. Otherwise getting there.

I’m in the UK so I travelled to Belgium to see Christian De Bruyne. It was cheaper and he appears to have more experience than the UK surgeons do. I’m pleased so far the proof is definitely in the long term I think.

Biggest regret for me is that i left it four years from getting my band out to act. I was only ever going to end up back at my pre band weight. I should have done this years ago!

What’s making you consider a revision?

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Glad to hear that you made the best decision for you. I have chosen to do the mini gastric bypass because I had the sleeve surgery in 2013 but had a baby March 2017 and can't get the 57 pounds off that I gained from the pregnancy after a year of trying. I had not heard of the MGB until I heard someone mention it on a Facebook weight loss forum. With something that is new to you you tend to ask many questions. Especially when you have to go under the knife again.😁But what I like about the surgery from what I hear you can achieve your weightloss goal and being a second time weight loss patient. As far as weight do you see any progress are you losing slow or do it pick up and then it slows down.

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Yes! So far I’m very pleased (amazed even) with the weight loss. I thought I would struggle because I’m fairly certain I screwed up my metabolism with the band but so far so good :)

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    • WeGettingThere

      Hey all! So I went in for my weight management class. I thought that would be my last one but I actually have to wait until the nutritionist clears me. She has to decide if I'm ready. I''m not mad at it. It looks like my surgery will be happening in the summertime. So instead of focusing on the surgery date, I'm putting my energy into losing weight and making sure all these appointments are taken care of. It feels like doing mini quests on a video game before trying to fight the BIG BOSS. I'm not ready for the BIG BOSS yet. haha. Feeling pretty good! 
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    • Goody222  »  Dana me

      Me too! I am following the plan. How about you?
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    • Jobber

      Finished my 6th and final NUT appointment yesterday.  Everything is done except the psych eval and submittal to insurance.  I did everything required of me including the 100 pages plus of food tracking, I lost 5% of my total weight, and I went to every NUT appointment.  
      Hoping for the best, things seem to be lining up well for me and in the end, I think I will be able to fully have my wife on board with this whole thing.  She says she is, but I know she doesn't think I should do it.  Just like I replied to another post earlier, i'm doing this either way, it's my decision at this point and I know I can get her to come around at some point and maybe even convince her to look into it as well.
      Also, I just started with an APAP machine a couple weeks ago and "holy sh*t" has my quality of life improved greatly so far.  I wish I had looked into this years ago.  I didn't think I had apnea until I had the study done and i stopped breathing an average of 12 times an hour.  That's nuts...
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    • AshMarie794

      1 year anniversary from the start of my journey. My very first apt with my surgeon. At my highest weight. And then now, post op 5 1/2 months. Life feels amazing and everything has changed. couldn't feel better! Down 100 lbs!!!! Seems crazy.....

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      1. Chrisb428

        You look amazing, congrats!

      2. AshMarie794

        Thank you!

      3. GradyCat

        Way to go!

    • Aeasterling

      I'm 13 years out from having weight loss surgery. I would have to say it was the best choice I have ever made. I have been successful BUT now I'm feeling like I'm sliding back and getting comfortable with old eating habits. I absolutely do not want to ever go back to where I came from. I'm just needing support and some pointers to get me focused again. Any one have any thoughts or suggestions. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. 
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