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(Cross-Post) Do you dump or get nauseated when eating fruit or whole grains?

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(Cross-posted from the Vegetarian forum due to low traffic there.)

The more I've been learning about fruit the more I want to make it a part of pretty much every meal, as well as having regular servings of whole grains like oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, etc. I'm having gastric bypass so there's a greater risk of dumping syndrome. I'm wondering if these healthy but carb-y foods also cause dumping, or if it's mostly just refined sugars and high-fat foods. I'm particularly interested in your particular experiences rather than what we might assume should/shouldn't cause dumping. Thanks in advance for any advice! :)

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I've heard of a few people who dump on fruit, but it doesn't seem to be very common. Refined sugars and high-fat foods, like you said, are the biggest culprits.

Just so you know, there are a *lot* of us who don't dump. The statistic I see thrown around these boards and others a lot is that only 30% of RNY'ers dump. I don't know if there's medical research to back that up, but suffice it to say, a lot of us have never dumped. I have no problem with fruit or grains (unfortunately, I don't have a problem with refined sugars, either. High-fat foods don't sit well with me, but they don't make me dump)

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p.s. some people avoid eating much in the way of fruit and grains because they're super carb-sensitive. Carbs don't seem to have that effect on me, so I do eat them (although I do try to avoid the refined ones)

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I had gastric bypass March 8. I eat oatmeal and fruit occasionally. As a fact I went to the store tonight to get oatmeal and fruit for Breakfast tomorrow. I got fruit sweetened with Splenda to put in my oatmeal. I've never dumped with either.(of course I'm going to weigh it before eating) Actually I've never dumped period. Not even the one or two times I've had high fat or high sugar. I guess I'm one of the lucky or unlucky ones. Depends on how you look at it. I see it as unlucky.[emoji20][emoji24][emoji34]

HW 330
SW 292
CW 185
GW below 200

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