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Never did I have a weight problem until I was in the Marines and mistakenly thought that 200 pounds made a man. I would eat big meals and sleep developing fat instead of muscle, dummy. Many pigs later (love carnitas and bacon), I found myself on weight control and working to shed the weight. I did go from 235 to 205 and got a body fat waiver at 5%. Then I got out and many pigs later found myself at an all time high of 307. During my journey I experienced high blood pressure, sleep apnea, a stroke, diabetes and ED. Killing myself did not work so I got serious about my weight and decided to do something about it once and for all. Now don't get me wrong, I am a Jenny Craig dropout. Tried various other weight loss programs like weight loss hypnosis which turned me bulimic. My mind was constantly challenged, do you want that burrito or that body? burrito or body? I thought heck I am gonna have that burrito and body and threw it up after gorging my face. Tried weight watchers, MOVE, phen-phen and Atkins. Atkins worked great at first. I had gone to a clinic and had weighed in and was to return in a month for my results (Free STD test). When I came back they weighed me in again and the attendant panicked and said she has to find another scale it must be broken. I asked why did she think the scale was broken and she stated, you weigh 25 pounds less today. Oh, I went on the Atkins diet I told her and she was relieved. Subsequent tries at Atkins resulted in severe cramping or diarrhea. The Cpap machine I got 20 years ago was horrible and I never did master it and stopped using it. There were times when I awoke like a fish out of Water gasping for air.

Once I decided to get gastric sleeve surgery late last year, I started working on a plan. I was taking 3 different pills just for high blood pressure. Taking at least 6 pills with Breakfast I decided that the only pill I wanted to take for the rest of my life was a Multivitamin. I changed health plans for the new year and joined a PPO which I know is more expensive but gives more flexibility in getting the treatment you want. I contacted my health insurance company to get the prerequisites for weight loss surgery. I needed to have successfully completed a medically supervised weight loss program during the last two years which I had never completed one. So I signed up with a Nutritionist that shared the WLS surgeons office for a 6 month medically supervised weight loss program. I started back at the gym again going a couple of times a week vice a couple of times a month. I completed that program and dropped 35 pounds without trying too hard. If I had followed the prescribed diet to perfection I am sure I would have lost twice the weight. I called the Dr office to setup my next sets of appointments in my WLS Journey. My next hurdle was a consult with a Psychiatrist. Lord I hope they don't find me too crazy or I am gonna have a cheeseburger. I passed that eval with flying colors. Now I was ready to schedule the WLS.

Got a WLS date for Oct 2, 2017. Went on a two week Protein Shake diet post-op and lost another ten pounds by going to the gym everyday. Met with my surgeon and he told me I would be lifting heavy in the gym in one week. Boy was I stoked. My surgery went excellent and he repaired a hernia I did not know I had during the process. I took 10 days off work and made a very speedy recovery but getting tired of the shakes and Jello. Dr. Hamamji met with me a week after surgery and cleared me to start eating soft Proteins, yay! I had no nausea and no throwing up post op. I didn't even open my nausea medication and tossed it.

I am 3 weeks post op and building muscle fast while losing inches. I am not too concerned that my weight loss has not been as drastic as I have seen on others reports for I know that muscle weighs more than fat and looking forward to getting really toned. During the last 9 months of my weight loss journey I have lost 6 inches on my waist and 61 pounds. Post-op I have lost 2 inches from my waist and 16 pounds. I am going to the gym everyday except for Sunday and getting in at least 30 minutes of cardio and then weight training. I expect the pounds and inches to start dropping more rapidly during the next couple of weeks. I don't think I was getting enough calories at 500-800 a day which may have lowered my metabolism. I am shooting for 800-1000 calories and 70 grams of Protein per day starting now.

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Congrats on your decision to change your life.
I see your 3 weeks post op and your already at the gym ? I’m impressed!!

When did the pain from surgery stop? I’m 7 days post op and still in pain ... do you have any advice?

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Thank you! I quit taking pain meds about 7 days after my laparoscopic sleeve procedure. I was at the gym 10 days after surgery. My surgeon promised me pre-op that I would be lifting heavy in the gym in about a week. His first post-op exam (day 10) he cleared me for the gym and to start on soft Protein as I had no bouts of nausea or any other negative side effects. Dr. started peeling my stitches during this exam but they did not all come off until week 3.

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That’s impressive... congrats on your speedy recovery
my first check up is only at 6/7 weeks... my staples/stitches are coming off on the 30th ( day 12 ) at a local clinic.

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      Hi I'm Sam, currently 7 seven years out of VSG and looking into revision due to weight gain. 
      I'll be the first to say I lived life a little too hard and am looking for a second chance at a healthier life. 
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    • Vitra  »  Garnold03

      Lololol...sad but true.. make sure you have probiotics in your diet daily. It helps your b m not have the horrible odor since we do not have the duodenum. I don't understand why they take that part out but they shouldn't leave it. Everything you eat and you can smell. But when you get back to normal eating it is off the chain.
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      Exciting news for me. Found out I will be having my surgery October 25th! 
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      1. Alyssa Dalrymple

        Goodluck on your big day

    • Jrule

      Any od 63 years old  or older having weight loss surgery or have had weight loss surgery.
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      1. Ladidi

        I’m 67 and will be 68 when I have my surgery at the beginning of next year.

      2. Maylin

        I’m 67 and had surgery in September.

    • HeBrokeTheChains

      I had surgery on September 27th and I am one of the very blessed ones that have had no pain to speak of besides a couple days of gas pain. I have lost 9 lb since surgery, and I am feeling a little like I should have lost more by now. Is that realistic? Or am I being too fussy?
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