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LapBand Surgery vs. Gastric Balloon - Seeking information

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I am in the process of being cleared for bariatric surgery - all that I am now awaiting is the final dietician meeting in a few weeks. I have 90-100 lbs to lose.

I have done a lot of research and am convinced I do not want a permanent surgery, such as the sleeve or bypass. My surgeon is fine with providing the LapBand surgery, which is covered by my insurance.

Now it looks like I'll soon be spending about 6 weeks in another country where I could legally get a gastric balloon - I know is not cleared by the FDA in the USA.

I have done research about the Spatz3 balloon, which can be kept in the stomach for up to a year. (http://www.spatzmedical.com/faq.html)

Does anyone have any knowledge or recommendations on what is preferable?

Thank you!

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There are some interesting YouTube videos from UK where ballon is being used in bariatric cases. Balloon is used there for massively obese parients who must lose weight before surgery because surgery too risky at BMI greater than 50. These patients were only allowed to have ballon in stomach for 6 months. The greatest problem they had was continuous nausea. Patients could feel the balloon in stomach. Some patients did well and some actually gained weight with balloon. Had a lot to do with patient motivation and compliance like all other weight loss interventions.

There are 5 episodes. Here is link to first:

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