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I'll try to be brief....I just need to vent

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I'm always amazed when people say it costs too much to eat healthy. I've saved a lot on my grocery bill by not buying soda, chips, beer and packaged Cookies. If you buy produce in season and look for the sale items, it's a lot less than processed foods. Also, I cook most of my own meals so I save a lot by not eating in restaurants. The expense of healthy foods is always an interesting excuse.

I agree. It costs more to eat healthy if you are still buying junk, too.

I am saving money just on breaking the Diet Coke habit alone.

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Just like with each of us, she won't do it until she's darn good and ready. Sad but true.

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Some people say that I'm young and don't weigh enough to get the surgery but I'm doing it now to avoid ever being at that place and it's good that you did so too.

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When she wears you down, just keep coming back to this site, and know there are so many people here to support you and your great efforts. It's nice that you are there trying to help her with your example and support. We are here for you, too.

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I too have some people in my life like this. But I try to keep in mind that's it's their body like this is mine. I don't promote the surgery. I let myself be overweight too forever and I didn't want it because of loose skin. I came to the decision in my own time. And I'm quick to remind people asking me about how to lose weight that I'm no expert. I spent years doing all kinds of dieting. I just say that I found something that works for me! That's what everyone needs to do.

And when folks start talking about all the 'loose skin' and whatever downsides they can think of...I quickly get on the subject of my now size 10 clothes, bikini and any NSV. Things they certainly can't relate too. It just evens the odds a bit, ya know.

(and @her1981...really! she's there taking your old 'fat' clothes and trying to naysay at the same time. You know you feel good about yourself when you don't just go off on people like that. 155lbs gone! you rock!)

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A couple weeks ago, my sister in law was at my house going through my old clothes to see what she could fit and was saying how great I looked. I told her how great the sleeve has been for my health and really my overall happiness. She goes on to say, well idk about getting the sleeve because I don't want all that loose skin.... I'm thinking ok, you'd prefer to walk around with all the fat-filled skin???? And for the record, other than my arms, I look pretty good. Then she goes on to talk about all the stuff she doesn't wanna give up.

Keep in mind, she's about 5'3 and 380 pounds. I'm pretty sure she has sleep apnea. She falls asleep at the drop of a dime and is tired from doing virtually nothing. You can hear her breathing when she's just sitting or standing still. She's bottom heavy and her legs are like tree trunks. The don't appear to bend.

Anyway, she got into a car accident and couldn't fit in the machine for the mri. She called me talking about how mortified she was, and asked me to help her lose weight. So we talked about eating right and what she can do to get started, but she has not made a single effort to improve her eating habits - talking about how "expensive" it is to eat healthy. I went to see her yesterday and she had just eaten an entire bag of chips and then ate a Chipotle bowl and then fell asleep within 10 minutes of eating it. I just sat there in awe.... So after she was asleep for about 30 minutes, I just left.

I shutter to think that was me a year ago. I wonder if I was ever "that bad". I probably was. It was so hard to watch. I'm glad I made the choice to get sleeved.

Kudos to you for not calling her out on any of this. As others have said, she just isn't ready yet. We've all been mortified over something regarding our size and yet, not all of us had that aha moment at that time. If/when she's ready, be there for her.

My beloved sister..my best friend...is morbidly obese as I had been. I desperately want her to be healthy. She is a heart attack waiting to happen and I'm saddened beyond belief to think that I might not grow old with her. I say nothing as she eats herself silly. Calling her out will only make her avoid me and I can't have that. So I wait patiently hoping that she changes things up before I have to bury her. We need to be compassionate...and not judgmental as many of us have 'been there, got the tee shirt'.

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I used to be worried about losing my ability to overeat. It felt so good to come home on a Friday night and eat 3/4 of a stuffed crust pizza, drink 3-4 beers and have 2 or 3 brownies for dessert. I thought I'd miss it and spent some time mourning my ability to inhale food. Turns out, I don't miss it nearly as much as I expected! It feels much different after WLS. If only we could show people that.

It's really hard to see loved ones continue the self-destructive habits we used to have. I have a friend who does that thing where she breathes hard just by standing up from a seated position. It's really sad.

The whole excuse of "eating healthy is expensive" is absolutely not true! I've saved a lot of money on groceries and eating out simply because I CANNOT eat as much as I could've before.

Maybe she'll change her mind in the future when she reaches her breaking point. All you can do is serve as a good example!

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Thanks all for the encouragement. I'll continue to encourage her as well.

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    • BeanitoDiego

      I ordered the Barbecue Protein Crisps here from BariatricPal, and find them quite tasty. The Ranch flavour, not so much. They are very filing and have a satisfying crunch.
      I continue to shrink, and am amazed at the changes all over my body. Visually, it is striking to me. In the mirror, I look thin to my eyes, but I don't feel thin, although I can see more bones and veins and tendons and floppy skin. Cardio-wise, It takes a lot more effort to get my heart rate up and I'm now monitoring which heart zone I can get into and for how long. My resting heart rate is the lowest it's ever been.
      If I think about it, and I left myself feel it for a time, I weep (like, boohoo cry) with joy. I am so grateful to myself, and proud of myself for having the courage to have taken the leap to better health.
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    • Yearofme43

      Well round 2 fight, second attempt at this sleeve surgery.  First attempt found out i have situs inversus that was a year ago, so after another long journey i received a new date for December 1, 2023 for the sleeve. Started pre op diet Friday going well just waiting for the big day, for any tips for newbies look at my prior post alot there of what not to do under temptation,  lol 😆 😅 😀 hope everyone has a great outcome
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    • NickelChip

      Feeling a little sad today because a few weeks ago I had a call from the surgeon's office and they had a last minute opening on November 20 because of a cancellation. I am not scheduled until December 27, which is way later than I had expected when I started all this. My "ideal" date in my head had been November 13. I was so ready to jump at the chance, but I just couldn't make it work. As soon as I mentioned it to my mom, instead of being supportive, she had all sorts of reasons why I shouldn't move the date. Some were valid, like my teen daughter has a special (but not super special) thing going on later in the week that I would probably have to miss, and others were less valid, like she didn't feel ready and it might ruin everyone's holidays. Um, excuse me? It's not about her! And how would I single handedly ruin both Thanksgiving AND Christmas for my entire family by having a surgery? But she had informed me when I first got the December date that she planned on getting a hotel near the hospital and staying that night to be nearby, despite the hospital only being about 40 miles away from home. I didn't ask her to do that, but that's her plan, so there you go. She didn't ask me if I felt ready now, or what the wait through the holidays felt like for me with the surgery looming. So that was the part that hurt. I felt like I was having to make sure everyone else was okay with my choices instead of me, which is a theme in my life for sure. Don't get me wrong, my parents have been there for me so many times, and I don't want to sound ungrateful. But this really made me sad that what I wanted simply didn't factor in. Basically, I passed on what felt like a dream come true to get that call, and I've had to reconcile myself to it as best I can. I've found some silver linings, like more time to clean my house and test some recipes. But if I hadn't, I would be on my pre-op diet now (my surgeon only does a short liquid diet beforehand, so a Monday surgery starts the pre-op diet on Saturday morning). Instead, I'm getting ready to make dinner for myself and the kids, and I still have 39 days to go...
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      1. New To This23

        I can relate to the parent's situation. I am 42 and still struggle with pleasing them. Yet they do whatever they want with no concern for how it affects anyone else, so why do I feel so obligated to them? I wish I had some advice that could help. One thing I have tried to do is stop sharing things with them that I really don't want to hear their opinion on. (like the business I am starting)

        Like with this surgery, I knew I was going to need their help getting to the appointments and back from the surgery, so I knew I had to tell them. But I did not tell them until I was almost at the point of getting surgery that I was doing this.

        I got hard judgment from my father, which I expected, I made him promise not to share this with his brothers (who are assholes) I told him whether he likes it or not I am an adult and I deserve respect and privacy especially when it concerns my health. (he begrudgingly agreed)

        My mom on the other hand was supportive, but she has the tendency to add some dramatic flair about everything. her typical M.O. is to pop onto social media and rattle on about how something that is not happening directly to her, is affecting her ( I get it there no talking to the man she married about this stuff, so it's nice to have someone to listen).

        I know they both struggled with trying to respect my wishes, they looked shocked when I told them that if I lived somewhere else, I would not have even told them I was having this surgery.

      2. NickelChip

        I'm glad your father did agree to respect your privacy by not sharing with your family. And I guess I should be glad my mom keeps the dramatic flair off of the socials!

        I'm both lucky and unlucky that my brother had VGS 15 years ago. On the one hand, my mom understands the concept and has seen my brother's good results from it, (we inherited the obesity from my father's side, and Mom has never dealt with more than those pesky 10 lbs average weight people always want to lose). On the other hand, my brother took exactly the opposite approach from me. He didn't live near family and told no one, had no support. He went to Mexico as self-pay and didn't say a word until about 4 weeks after when he was having some serious emotional struggles, living alone, and compounded by the fear of realizing that to get family support, he had to "confess." So his recovery was very different than what I anticipate for me. But because of all that, my mom definitely sees this as a "REALLY BIG DEAL." Which it is, but not the level she's at with it. Like, it's not an open heart surgery being performed in 1982, or experimental cancer treatment. I've also noticed that as my mom ages, she takes change a lot harder. She doesn't have the mental flexibility anymore to make an instant change of plans and roll with it, whereas I do that probably a dozen times a day.

        I'm grateful for their help, but it comes at a price.

    • Heidi911

      Has incorrect surgeon but won’t let me fix
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    • Chevygirl

      Gastric Sleeve Journey.
       09/07/23 Consult with Dr. Amir Aryaie of BMI Surgical Institute
       09/11/23 Cardiologist (EKG) Piedmont (Dr. Don Rowe)
       09/11/23 Labs done Labcorp
       09/18/23 Pulmonologist Piedmont (Dr. Zolty)
       09/27 1st Nutrition Appt Telehealth ( Paige Espenship)
       10/4 Home Sleep Study 
       10/9 Stress Test
       10/26 EGD done by Dr. Aryaie (Northside Hospital)
       10/27 2nd Nutrition Appt Telehealth
       11/6 Psychology Consult (Beal Wellness) 
       11/7 Psychology Evaluation
       11/17 Waiting on nutrition progress notes to be sent over to submit to insurance company
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