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Caffeine withdrawals

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Started my two week preoperative diet yesterday. I had already gotten down to having only 6oz of diet coke per day so I figured I wouldn't have any issues. I have had a terrible headache today. Tylenol is not touching it. I am guessing its not having caffine. Any suggestions??

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Not really a suggestion but you will likely get that same headache on and off for a week. The good news is. Once you get through it you will feel a lot better.

Hang in there!

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Oh how I miss my diet cokes. I had stopped them prior to the pre-op diet but found I had a horrible sugar withdrawal headache. It stuck around for two days. Once it passed I have been great.

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Caffeine withdrawal is the worst, add to that the aspartame withdrawal from diet drinks and it's awful! BUT it is temporary!! Two days, maybe three of headaches and maybe a little dizziness but then you'll be over it and feel so much better. Make sure you are hydrated, drinking lots of Water helps to flush the system. Good luck!!

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